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What's Your Love Language

Just like breathing, something that is most commonplace in today’s world is romantic relationships. More often than not, we come across people who have a significant other. Speaking of romance, every couple has their fair share of highs and lows. The key here is to work around ways of strengthening one’s bond in order to sustain the relationship in the times to come.

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Speaking in a nutshell, there are 5 love languages. They are nothing but the different means by which one can both express, as well as receive or experience love. These ways of cultivating love are:

Words of affirmation: These are simple words of reassurance that one says to their partner. For example - I am there for you. We will get through it together, etc.

Quality time: It is the time a couple consciously invests in one another to keep their love going.

Acts of service: It refers to doing things with an intention to assist your significant other. For example: getting grocery for your partner, or helping them look after their pet, etc.

Physical touch: It could be just a hug, a cuddle, or something more intimate that you and your partner share with one another.

Gift giving: Gifting can boost sharing tokens of love among a couple.

Particularly during one’s phases of low, it is important that one decodes their own, as well as their partner’s language of love i.e., the ways by which two individuals can connect with one another as a couple in order to preserve what they share. It is all about striking a balance, since spending too much time apart can be as harmful as being together all the time.

Here are a few ways by which you can rekindle the spark in your relationship and help it burn brighter than ever:

Re-live your initial days

The idea here is to recreate events that were the happy experiences of the initial days of your relationship. It could be the place where you first met, your first or most romantic date(s), or planning an outing with the people who brought you close together. Try and keep it as real and close to the original experience as possible.

Use your talents to your benefit

We’re all endowed with certain skills - be it playing an instrument, being a gifted writer, or a soulful dancer . Identify your strengths, and utilise them to impress your significant other. For example: you could dedicate a unique piece of writing or song to them, or take them out dancing. Whatever your talent may be - make sure you’re using it here. ;-)

Engage in quality conversations

How can one underestimate the importance of communication? A great way to keep refilling your Love Tank is by being open to understanding the hows and whys of the feelings of your partner. A few key words one must keep in mind here are: being an active listener, empathising with your partner’s thoughts, and being sympathetic when the situation demands it. Allow it to be an interrupted conversation so that your partner feels heard and cared for.

Take up an activity together

A great way to recreate the magic in your relationship is unanimously opting for a hobby class or recreational activity together. For instance, you may take up Salsa classes, or go swimming/skating to the nearest club. Apart from communication, it is also important that both parties are bonded by activities that not only boost a fun environment, but also help them work through things as a team.

Invest in undivided attention

Providing your partner with your undivided attention goes a long way in showing that the relationship is important to you. This can be achieved by various ways such as: avoiding the TV, steering clear of common friends or family, unanimously deciding to turn off your mobile phones for a date, etc.

Let them in on your expectations

A great way to avoid any form of negative interaction is one’s willingness to understand, accept, and try to act upon the expectations of their partner. If we go to observe; a lot of our arguments are due to the disappointments stemming from unfulfilled expectations by either or both parties. Committing to compliment one another through fulfillment of each other’s expectations can really help breathe more love and laughter into your relationship.

Plan getaways

At times, having some place to go where one can spend quality time with their partner minus the presence of others can help boost the chemistry between the both of them. Try planning a getaway once in awhile. This would not only help you bond with one another without the interference of family and friends, but also have you look forward to something exciting that you get to do with your significant other.

Device your own dialect

Another way to customise how you bond with one another is to come up with your own special language - be it through words or actions that would remain a secret between both parties. Doing so can help one feel more intimate and connected to their partner, since it would personalise how they communicate with one another.

So what are you waiting for? Go brainstorm! ;-)

“And lastly, do what you did in the beginning of your relationship, and your flame of love would burn forever!”

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