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14 Reasons Why Going Outside Is Overrated

Who actually goes outside anymore? Stay in and spend some quality time with Diablo III, now on console.

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1. Puddles are larger than they appear.

2. Some drivers think they own the entire road.

3. Public transportation can be unpredictable.

4. And super crowded.

5. Sports may cause bodily harm.

6. Pedestrians.

7. Hills appear out of nowhere.

8. The possibility of getting eaten is very real.

9. Crossing the road requires a doctorate in gymnastics.

10. Gorillas. 'Nuff said.

11. There's litter everywhere.

12. Locals can be unruly.

13. People don't respect your right of way.

14. Weather can be unpredictable.

Why go out when you could be playing games?

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Grab a friend or three and smash some faces in Diablo III, now on console.