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Getting To Know Sam, The Facts You Want To Know

The list below barely scratches the surface of Sam, however it should give you a great sense of him and some of his favorite things. The list may make you want to have him as your friend and chances are, he will want to be your friend too!

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Although he was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, one of his first baths was in Denver, Colorado!

Since he was born Sam has enjoyed traveling and constantly being on the go meeting new people and exploring new places.

Sam had a dog named Ebeneezer - Ebony for short.

Sam became the happiest, chubbiest 11 year old boy in the world when Ebony came home to grow up with him. They were inseparable companions and Ebony lived a very long and happy life.

After high school Sam moved to Milwaukee for college!

He studied Communication and Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During his time there, aside from studying, he met a close knit crew of friends who refer to themselves as the Farwell Fam after the street they all lived on together.

EstudiĆ³ en EspaƱa durante un semestre!

His senior year he studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain! He explored several new cities, lived with a family who only spoke Spanish, and made some of his best friends still today.

He was even voted "Mr. Sevilla" by the group, which gives you an idea of how much Sevilla stole his heart. Studying abroad opened up a new sense of adventure for Sam and established his confidence to take on new challenges.

And then... CHICAGO - It's his kind of town!

After graduating from UWM and working in Milwaukee for a year, Chicago was calling Sam's name.

He immediately fell in love with the city. He enjoys of living near the lakefront taking advantage of the beach and trail.

Fun Fact: Sam has never had a permanent residence more than 15 minutes away from Lake Michigan.

One of Sam's Favorite Things: Travel!

One thing Sam really likes to do is explore new places. He believes seeing a new city and culture is one of the best ways to learn new things and keep an open mind.

He snapped this picture of the Charles Bridge in Prague during the fall of 2015 when he went there with a his friends Ryan and Taylor.

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