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    • dhto

      The discussions about anxiety disorders and high levels of anxiety are interesting. Obviously these things have some similarities but are not the same things. Hopefully we can all respect each other, that each one of us knows what/how we feel and cannot be told that by someone else. I know I have a propensity towards a higher than ‘normal’ level of anxiety, but I am not anxious about many of the items on this list most of the time. That people who do not have anxiety disorders actually can/do experience some level of life-interfering anxiety over any of these items (or those not listed here) is a fact that should not be treated dismissively by those who have been diagnosed with clinical disorders. I in no way mean to belittle the difficulties of those with anxiety disorders (!!!), but as in most of everyone’s life, a good axiom is that ‘it’s not always about you.’ No one is perfect, not by a long stretch. Can’t we learn to love each other just a little more, warts and all?

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