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Would You Survive The Trumpacolypse?

Beware the Trumpeters...

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  1. Check off all that apply to you.

    I am liberal.
    I am Muslim.
    I am a woman.
    I am a person of color.
    I am an immigrant.
    I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community.
    I am not a millionaire.
    I am a millennial.
    I have a disability.
    I value the First Amendment.
    I believe the press should be free to report negatively on Trump.
    I have used social media to criticize Trump.
    I believe America has never been "great" for minorities.
    I like Hamilton.
    I believe refugees should be able to come to the US.
    I am an undocumented immigrant.
    I am pro-choice.
    I do not like scam artists.
    I believe in science.
    I believe facts trump feelings.
    I live in the US.
    I live in the world.
    I breathe.
    I believe love trumps hate.

Would You Survive The Trumpacolypse?

You died of an overdose of Trumpisms. The Trumpeters finally got to you despite your best efforts to defeat them. Tbh, you would've have gotten this result whether you checked 0 or 23 of the items on this list. RIP America. Join the resistance. There is still time.

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