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10 Reasons Why Children Need Art Programs In Schools

Where are all the arts Van Goghing?

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1. Provides students with a creative outlet


Students who are not as athletically or scientifically inclined as other student look to the arts in order to express themselves in the way that works best for them. Many students use art classes as a means of escape from their everyday worries and tribulations.

2. Motivates children to learn


Participating in arts programs motivates children to learn by introducing them to risk taking, individualized learning, and active engagement that allows the child to be eager to learn. Through the arts, children learn about constructive criticism and how to deal with failure in a positive manner that encourages them to keep wanting to learn.

3. Improves social skills

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Art programs contribute to the development of skills such as collaboration with others, self confidence, and empathy which all contribute improved social interactions.

5. Improves graduation rate

Integrating the arts into schools curriculum has been proven to raise graduation rates and improve overall grades by improving student skills such as perseverance and determination.

7. Expands a student's imagination

Students are able to think creatively and expand their minds in ways not possible through core curriculum classes. Students are given more diverse assignments and are forced to step outside their comfort zones to explore new ideas.

8. Contributes to a well-rounded education

Arts programs are proven to improve skills in other subject areas such as mathematics, English, science, and history. This improvement in other areas contributes to a more balanced student who is well diversified in their subject knowledge.

9. Improves literacy and communication skills

By involving a child in art curriculum, reading and language skills, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with peers and adults are improved immensely. A student can also improve their writing and comprehension proficiency through participation in art classes.

10. Contributes to an overall more positive schooling environment

Having arts integrating into the school curriculum encourages teacher creativity as well. Teachers are forced to offer their students more creative assignments, allowing them to learn information in new and unique ways.

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