13 YouTubers You Should Definetely Be Watching

Literally obsessed with all of these. You will spend hours watching their videos. #sorrynotsorry

1. DailyGrace

Grace Helbig. She is just the right amount of awkward mixed with the right amount of funny and the right amount of drunk. Her videos are probably some of the funniest out there and she doesn’t even care. She posts daily vlogs and every day has a different theme (Sexy Friday, for example).


2. Danisnotonfire

Dan Howell. He is Tumblr. Literally. He is the most awkward i-don’t-like-human-interaction person to ever roam planet Earth. Also, he is british (the accent) and he has a show on BBC Radio 1 with his best friend Phil, who is also a YouTuber (AmazingPhil).


3. Tyler Oakley

He is the queen of sass. He claims himself to be a Professional Fangirl and loves One Direction more than your 14-year-old little sister (his room is full of One Direction posters, I am not kidding). And also, he twerks… a lot.


4. Boyce Avenue

If you haven’t been listening to their covers all this time, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. Go subscribe right now and in exactly 5 minutes you will be broke because you bought all of their covers on iTunes. They recently hit 2 billion views on their videos, which let’s be honest, is a LOT.

Video available at:  .

5. Zoella280390

Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. Beauty guru kind of YouTuber. She does challenges and hauls and tags and everything you would need to make your day better. Her Anxiety & Panick Attacks video is amazing, she tells all about how she deals with both of this issues, which also makes her very inspirational. She is really pretty and is dating another vlogger, Alfie Deyes. Everybody ships #zalfie.


6. JacksGap

Jack and Finn Harries, two british hot twins. Do I need to say more? They take ages to edit, but their videos are really good. They support many charities and they embark on so many adventures you will want to crawl in their pocket and go everywhere with them. They are currently participating on The Rickshaw Run. Their instagrams are really good too, so go follow them there.


7. Mamrie Hart

You Deserve A Drink. No really, you do. That’s basically what she does. She chooses someone who deserves a drink every week and makes a drink for that person. One of the funniest people on YouTube, you will be laughing in exactly 0.128323 seconds.


8. Alfie Deyes

CUTE. That is the only way to describe him. He will melt your heart with everything he does. His taste in music is impecable and the content of his videos is amazing too. He does everything from tags to challenges to vlogs to just plain weird things. Go check him out, he is good good good.


9. Sprinkleofglitter

Louise Pentland. She is just amazing. She is quirky and funny and british. She is married and she has the cutest kid ever, Baby Glitter aka Darcy. She does beauty videos, tutorials, hauls, challenges, tags, she does basically everything. She gives really good advice on how to be comfortable with who you are.


10. Sawyer Hartman

Ok, so instead of a gif here I decided to post one of his videos. And this is for one reason only, his got mad editing skills. He makes a lot of challenges and that sort of stuff, but he is also a filmmaker. His Thru My Eyes videos are just impecable. Seriously go check him out. He is also really hot. What? Who said that?

Video available at:  .

11. ThatcherJoe

Joe Sugg. Brother of Zoe Sugg. He was first featured in one of his sister’s videos and then people started to pressure him into making his own channel. So he finally did! His most recognised work is the infamous Bingo Innuendo, the original idea by a radio show on BBC Radio 1, only that Joe plays it with other YouTubers and only with innuendos of fellow vloggers. He is really hot too. Stop that, whoever you are.


12. Fun For Louis

Louis Cole. He travels the world and documents everything. He is just a super chilled person, he just soothes tranquility. He is really spiritual and inspirational. His stuff is really good, he has everything from daily vlogs to travel videos. Louis is currently in Inda with the Harries twins doing The Rickshaw Run.


13. MyHarto

Hannah Hart. No relation whatsoever to Mamrie Hart. She is best friends with Grace and Mamrie, and their fans call them the Holy Trinity. She makes videos called My Drunk Kitchen, where she teaches you how to cook something while she drinks. So she basically cooks drunk. Really funny stuff.


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