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We Need Each Other BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed HR? Quinta? Who's reading this? Hopefully it's someone who can help me help BuzzFeed help themselves while they're helping me. I know for fact, that BuzzFeed wants the most creative young minds that this world can offer and it just so happens that one of those minds happens to be in my head. Go figure, right? Don't believe me, check out the blog story I made on sitting on the toilet one day...I wasn't using the bathroom, just using the toilet as a seat. Anyway, my dream is to become THE screenwriter. Like if somebody needs a script, they're calling me and I'm sending them to voicemail type stuff. However, I understand that I must begin somewhere and I believe BuzzFeed is that place to begin. With your platform and my mind, I believe we can create compelling material to engage current readers/viewers and gain new ones. I hope you guys are paying attention and give me an opportunity because I'm sure my boss can see me writing this and I may get fired. P.S I added a picture of myself waiting for you all to call me back to show you this is serious.

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