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    12 Ways Iran Is At War Over The Internet

    76 million Iranians are fighting an online battle against their country's oppressive government. At stake? Freedom from tyranny, self-expression and Pharrell videos. Here's the current state of play.

    1. The Iranian government won't let you be "Happy" online

    2. Iran blocked Facebook...

    3. ... and then tried to arrest Mark Zuckerberg

    4. They’re also trying to block Instagram...

    5. ... and Twitter...

    6. ... and Viber and WhatsApp, among countless other sites and apps.

    7. The sites and apps Iranians can access are almost unusable

    8. But that's not good enough for the regime - they want to go full North Korea

    But Iranians and groups outside the country are fighting back against the Iranian regime in clever ways online.

    9. Like with Operation Stealthy Freedom

    10. And #MustSeeIran

    11. They're also hacking through government web barriers…

    12. ... but the regime is cracking down.

    View this video on YouTube

    The Iranian government has caught on and is quashing use of popular circumvention software, like Psiphon. The video above shows how the regime throttles the Internet around key events, like the 2013 presidential election.

    The people of Iran are doing their best, but there's only so much they can do from inside the country.

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