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Seeing Black Men In The Eyes Of The Media

Baltimore, Ferguson, Cleveland, New York, police brutality continues to be a growing issue which got me to thinking. Hey black men, if you got murdered by a cop tomorrow, what kind of "thug" would the media try to make you out to be? Here are a few options!

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Dark Skinned Thug

This thug has darker skin. He is feared more because he is harder to spot at night, which makes him harder to shoot. So, these thugs are shot the quickest, because we know cops ain't trying to run.

Educated Thug

Oh boy this kind of thug is one of the most feared. They are the biggest threat because their degrees deflect bullets. But don't reach for it, because it will be mistaken as a gun and you will get shot. So...

Didn't find a characterization that fit you?

Yea, most black men don't. But, that's ok. Just keep watching the news. I'm sure you will find one soon enough since so many different black men are getting murdered so often. And with that I leave you with these simple words.

"Stay safe, stay sane, stay in doors."

Signing out.

- Thug with a Mac & An Internet Connection

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