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    25 Mouth-Watering Street Food Items From Kolkata That The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On

    The City of Joy never disappoints when it comes to food!

    1. Phuchka and Churmur

    2. Jhalmuri

    3. Telebhaja

    4. Kathi Rolls

    5. Ghugni Chaat

    6. Momos and street-style Chinese

    7. Kochuri and Aloo Dum

    8. Ghoti Gorom

    9. Zakaria Street — A food lover's paradise!

    Kebabs being skewered on a grill

    10. Doodh Cola

    11. Chilla and Dal Pakoda outside Vardaan Market

    12. Dragon Chicken

    13. Petai Porotha and Aloo Chana Bhaji

    14. Malai Toast outside Calcutta Stock Exchange

    15. Dacres Lane — Yet another street food heaven!

    16. Biryani

    17. Tiretta Bazaar — Your breakfast fix!

    18. Kobiraji Cutlets

    19. Mughlai Paratha

    20. Chanar Jillipi

    21. Keemar Doi Bora

    A bowl of keemar doi bora, garnished with chilli flakes and herbs

    22. Aloo Kabli

    23. Dimer Devil

    24. Shingara

    25. Pantheras