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    19 Places You Must Visit If You're Constantly Dreaming About Kolkata-Style Chinese Food

    Not Indian Chinese, guys! This is Kolkata-style Chinese we're talking about!

    1. Sei Vui, Tiretti Bazaar

    2. Beijing, Tangra

    3. The Blue Poppy - Thakali, Middleton Street

    4. Kim Ling, Tangra

    Zomato / Via

    From the house of Monica Liu again, we have Kim Ling β€” another popular restaurant serving Calcutta-style Chinese food. Their crab dishes like Crab Claws, Crab Meat in Choice of Sauce and Crab Meat with Button Mushrooms, will leave you wanting for more. So will the Steamed Whole Chicken/Fish and their range of Cantonese dishes.

    5. Golden Joy, Tangra

    6. Tung Fong, Park Street

    7. Mandarin Restaurant, Sarat Bose Road

    8. Golden Dragon, Park Street

    9. Eau Chew, Ganesh Chandra Avenue

    10. The Darjeeling, Salt Lake

    11. Fung Fa, Tangra


    Located in the bylanes of Tangra, Fung Fa is another iconic haunt we love! The Mixed Cantonese Noodles, Dry Sichuan Chicken, Mandarin Chicken, and Crispy Fried Fish are chef's kiss. 

    12. Tiretta Bazaar

    Rnmitra / Getty Images

    Well, we know it's not a restaurant but leaving out Tiretta Bazaar in an article about Calcutta-style Chinese food, is nothing less than a crime. From momos and prawn wafers to dumpling soup and dessert, it's a food fest every day. 

    Important tip: Make sure you reach by 5am for an experience of a lifetime!

    13. Tung Nam, Tiretta

    14. D'Ley Chinese Eating House, Black Burn Lane

    15. Big Boss, Tangra

    16. Tak Heng, Keyatala Road

    17. Ming Garden, Tangra

    18. Kafulok, Tangra

    19. Mandarin Gourmet, Tangra