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    21 Of The Best Puzzles You Can Get On Amazon

    Do you want to be brain-teased or brain-bullied?

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    1. A translucent-plastic jigsaw puzzle with a Disney Princess mosaic so you can brighten up your room with all the characters that brightened up your childhood.

    2. A pocket-sized version of Kanoodle that challenges you to stack game-pieces in the second, third, and EXTREME dimensions.

    3. An activity board with latches and locks to develop the motor skills of your Little Escape Artist.

    4. A labyrinth sphere containing 125 challenging barriers just waiting for you to give it a whirl, then a twist, then maybe a shake (once or twice) out of frustration.

    5. A 654-piece blank jigsaw puzzle, if you're willing to stare at the void until the void blinks.

    6. A wooden knot made of six interlocking parts so difficult to take apart, you might have to get out a saw and make your own rules.

    7. A hide-and-squeak toy for the Problem-Solving Doggo who doesn't want treats to simply be given to them.

    8. A book of mathematical riddles and logic puzzles that might have you *Russian* to the answer section.

    9. A gift box you have to solve before you can open it, because a maze with money at the end is a maze worth finishing.

    10. A Sudoku grid for the synesthetes in your life, or anyone who wants to play Sudoku with pretty colors instead of ~drab and dull~ numerals.

    11. A tower-based battle with gravity guaranteed to keep your critical-thinking skills sharper than a marble.

    12. A 48-piece jigsaw puzzle that *rudely* excludes Pluto. But, it's okay, you're over that and ready to teach the next generation about a Solar System with only eight planets.

    13. A wooden geometric block puzzle you can keep at the office for whenever you need a (stressful) break from your stressful job.

    14. A set of 64 black-and-white geometric tiles to develop your spatial awareness *and* the spatial awareness of your kids (who will probably reach for the more difficult challenge-cards before you do).

    15. A wooden robot and music box that's the perfect date to a steampunk dance party on your desk.

    16. A six-pack of puzzle snakes you can twist into different shapes, for a fidget toy with a bit more finesse.

    17. A 3D puzzle of the Eiffel Tower that lights up, so you can put "built the tallest structure in Paris" on your resume.

    18. A logic game with cats of various shapes and sizes that tests your ~kitten~cal thinking skills.

    19. An update of the Rubik's Cube with carbon-fiber stickers for increased grip, so you can be stumped faster than ever.

    20. Or a cube with unequal and mirrored sides to fully terrify your Inner Child who couldn't ever get that last blue cube on its correct side.

    21. And a set of puzzle erasers that can be taken apart and reassembled, because no one has to know about the mistakes you made on the way to The Right Answer.

    Hold on, let's check the box again...

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