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    21 Of The Best Puzzles You Can Get On Amazon

    Do you want to be brain-teased or brain-bullied?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A translucent-plastic jigsaw puzzle with a Disney Princess mosaic so you can brighten up your room with all the characters that brightened up your childhood.

    Promising review: "It was incredibly fun to put together this puzzle. The pieces snap together and it's obvious when they match. It holds its shape so you can lift entire sections easily, including the completed puzzle, like a piece of paper. I recommend this puzzle to everyone who likes Disney, or someone open to trying a plastic puzzle. It's made by a Japanese company and comes with some descriptions and pictures of other puzzles, as well as a sheet you can mail in to replace pieces you lost. Fantastic product and service. I wish ALL puzzles were plastic after assembling this one!" β€”Alex M

    Price: $23.39

    A great work or art is made with the proper tools, so I recommend sorting your pieces with one of these.

    2. A pocket-sized version of Kanoodle that challenges you to stack game-pieces in the second, third, and EXTREME dimensions.

    Each game of Kanoodle Extreme begins by placing game-pieces according to 303 challenge-diagrams (included in the game's challenge-book), and are completed by placing the remaining game-pieces. The challenges increase in difficulty, and dimensions, as they develop your spatial-reasoning skills.

    Promising review: "I got this for my 11-year-old daughter's birthday. It was a surprise (she had a short list and this wasn't on it), and she has declared it her favorite gift. It's a great way to exercise her mind and is also easy to tote around." β€”eeg

    Price: $9.96

    3. An activity board with latches and locks to develop the motor skills of your Little Escape Artist.

    Promising review: "My kiddo is dexterous like you wouldn't believe, and has a passion for opening/closing doors, as well as removing covers and lids (electrical socket plugs, the backs of remotes, change purses, bottle tops, baby wipes) and opening clasps (wallet, watches, bracelets). If your child is the type who's always looking for new and exciting ways to raise your blood pressure with feats of exquisite motor control, this latchboard is a great way to redirect that energy and curiosity. I remember reading some horrified parent exclaim that perhaps teaching young kids to open latches and locks is a dangerous idea. Realistically speaking, the latches featured here probably aren't used in a safety capacity (unless you hide your dynamite behind a miniature chain-locked door, which you might want to rethink)." β€”Kissifur

    Price: $20.99

    4. A labyrinth sphere containing 125 challenging barriers just waiting for you to give it a whirl, then a twist, then maybe a shake (once or twice) out of frustration.

    Promising review: "I stinking love these things! We got one for my sister at Christmas and everyone in the family grabbed it (more than once) over the next few days, to try and get further with it. It's infuriating and enjoyable at the same time! The only issue is: if you start it in one room where you are comfortable and realize that the lighting in that room sucks, you don't want to get up and move rooms because it might throw off your rhythm!" β€”just_a_farmer_of_memes

    Price: $24.52

    5. A 654-piece blank jigsaw puzzle, if you're willing to stare at the void until the void blinks.

    Promising review: "I bought this puzzle for the challenge, and to be able to display it and say I survived the Krypt! My mother and I started the puzzle on Saturday morning, and finished it on Sunday night. It should have taken longer, but we're quite obsessive when it comes to puzzles, so we ate takeout and neglected life until it was completed. We used the map, because there was no way we were going to completely brute-force this monster. Another great puzzle from Ravensburger, and one I would definitely recommend. That said, I am never doing another Krypt puzzle again. Once is enough!" β€”Vin

    Price: $19.37

    If you want to move this puzzle while it's in progress, you can roll it up on a puzzle mat and struggle another day.

    6. A wooden knot made of six interlocking parts so difficult to take apart, you might have to get out a saw and make your own rules.

    Promising review: "I love love love this puzzle. I bought it to torture my brother, but we both ended up playing with it all day on Christmas, and competing to see who could get farther. Just when you think you're making progress, you accidentally end up back at the start! It was a pleasant kind of frustration." β€”Rebecca W

    Price: $11.99

    7. A hide-and-squeak toy for the Problem-Solving Doggo who doesn't want treats to simply be given to them.,

    Promising review: "My Aussie puppy LOVES this toy. When he was only a few months old, I got him the large size and it took him a while to get all of the squirrels out. I actually had to start putting treats at the bottom so he wouldn't give up. He's 6 months old now, so I got him the ginormous one thinking it would be a bit more of a challenge, but he gets all the squirrels out in just a few minutes minutes and starts chewing through them. Still, it's really fun to toss the squirrels and watch him run around with the trunk on his nose." β€”IJ

    Price: $9.99 (available in sizes S-XL, to entertain a range of puppers)

    8. A book of mathematical riddles and logic puzzles that might have you *Russian* to the answer section.

    Promising review: "I purchased this for my Math Geek. Sadly, he opened it first and didn't open the rest of his gifts, because I couldn't get him to put this book down. He loves it." β€”GLORIA G

    Price: $11.05 for the paperback version, $24.99 for hardback, and $4.99 on Kindle.

    9. A gift box you have to solve before you can open it, because a maze with money at the end is a maze worth finishing.

    Promising review: "Oh my goodness, this has got to be the funniest thing I have ever played! I put $100 cash in it and sat it on the table at a Christmas party. Most of us had been drinking, so it was so funny to watch everyone try to figure it out. By the end of the party, no one got it open, so my 15-year-old took a shot at it and now she's $100 richer!" β€”angela devillier

    Price: $9.90

    10. A Sudoku grid for the synesthetes in your life, or anyone who wants to play Sudoku with pretty colors instead of ~drab and dull~ numerals.

    Promising review: "I've played Sudoku throughout the years, and I think the idea of exchanging the numbers for symbols or colors makes the game appealing to a much wider audience, plus the idea of Sudoku as a tactile board game is just too cool. Wow, these folks really know how to make a quality game! The board is a heavy chunk of hardwood, and the playing pieces are nice-sized wooden balls, so players young and old should have no trouble handling the game pieces in this set. The challenge cards come in perforated sheets, and will stand up to a good amount of handling, and they're even packaged with a box to store them in. The 104 original challenges should keep you busy for a while, and they do offer additional card sets of various skill levels. The one cool thing I didn't read in other reviews is that this also comes with a number key to match the colors, so you CAN convert any numerical Sudoku puzzle into a ColorKu puzzle!" β€”Bobby W

    Price: $37.99

    11. A tower-based battle with gravity guaranteed to keep your critical-thinking skills sharper than a marble.

    Each Gravity Maze set includes a game grid, nine towers, one target-piece, three marbles, and 60 challenges (ranging from beginner to expert-level difficulty).

    Promising review: "This is a great brain exerciser for everyone, old and young alike. It fits on a desk and its appearance is certainly an attention-grabber. Think Fun products are well made and the Gravity Maze is no exception. The towers are colorful, precision-built, and visually interesting. The base has rubber non-slip pads which keep it motionless, while snapping the game pieces in place and when the ball bearing is rolling through them. The game's difficulty progresses at a comfortable level and it's fun watching the ball bearing travel downward through the game pieces in the hopes of making it all the way to the goal, the red box. Highly recommended!" β€”Jack McCoy

    Price: $26.49

    12. A 48-piece jigsaw puzzle that *rudely* excludes Pluto. But, it's okay, you're over that and ready to teach the next generation about a Solar System with only eight planets.


    Promising review: "What a nice way to teach a toddler about the solar system! My 2.5-year-old daughter always wants to learn new things and was so happy when I gifted her this. She learned about the planets in a few days, and used to arrange this puzzle daily. The pieces are so sturdy and colorful, so no worries of wooden flakes or dust. The pieces are cut in such a way that cute little hands can easily put it together. All the planets are labeled beautifully and each part is linked in so your little one can arrange this after a few tries. Only problem is it requires a big space, but that's justifiable for such a big solar system." β€”SMAZ

    Price: $12.49

    13. A wooden geometric block puzzle you can keep at the office for whenever you need a (stressful) break from your stressful job.

    This is kinda like Tetris, if you played Tetris in a wooden cube and couldn't wait for a straight-line-block to save the day.

    Promising review: "Multiple people in my office have tried to solve it with no luck. The pieces are well made and the holder is great; plus, its a great conversational piece. I totally recommend it, especially if you're cool with having three or four pieces hanging out on your desk because you can't figure out how to put them in the puzzle." β€”PKL266

    Price: $18.99

    14. A set of 64 black-and-white geometric tiles to develop your spatial awareness *and* the spatial awareness of your kids (who will probably reach for the more difficult challenge-cards before you do).

    You have to use all of the game's 64 tiles to build a square while matching the edges of each tile, black to black and white to white. Just like life, there's more than one correct way to do it!

    Promising review: "It's a fun game and challenging enough for those with good visual skills (which isn't me, since I struggled to complete more than 6x6, even though some of my kids completed the basic puzzle with all the pieces). It's supposedly for one player, but the kids discovered they could collaborate and/or compete to see who could finish a 5x5 first. Even younger children enjoyed figuring out how to match cards, success!" β€”Annie M.

    Price: $6.99

    15. A wooden robot and music box that's the perfect date to a steampunk dance party on your desk.,

    Promising review: "I bought this for my 11-year-old daughter. She cried when my wife gave it to her, she was so excited!" β€”Alexander Griffin

    Price: $21.99

    16. A six-pack of puzzle snakes you can twist into different shapes, for a fidget toy with a bit more finesse.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical about these due to the low price, and warned my 7-year-old son several times that they might not be the most durable. But, he has been playing with them consistently for a few months now, with no issues! He loves to make fun shapes (python, ball, stairs, etc.) out of them, and they allow him to be super creative. A couple of times, they've fallen out of joint, but my husband has easily popped a side off with a flat-head screwdriver and reconnected the joints, allowing them to continue working perfectly. These have literally been hours of fun for our whole family." β€”Kate S.

    Price: $14.99

    17. A 3D puzzle of the Eiffel Tower that lights up, so you can put "built the tallest structure in Paris" on your resume.

    Promising review: "My first 3D puzzle ever and it was so much fun to put together. The pieces are very durable, considering you're required to bend the pieces that come with creases. This isn't a typical puzzle because, rather than trying to find which pieces go together (which I think would be almost impossible to do), each piece is numbered with an arrow pointing to where the next piece needs to go. I spent a good couple of hours putting the whole thing together, making sure all the pieces lined up and, when it was finally completed and I turned the LED on, it was prettier than the picture!" β€”CiCi

    Price: $29.60

    18. A logic game with cats of various shapes and sizes that tests your ~kitten~cal thinking skills.

    You arrange 12 cat pieces on a grid to solve each of this game's 48 challenges. Anyone with more than one cat in their home knows how difficult it is to get cats to sit near each other (for long enough so you can JUST take the purrfect picture) and this game simulates that challenge.

    Promising review: "While my feline overlords don't appreciate me playing with other cats, I've found this to be a fun-and infurrrrriating game." β€”ChristinaJ

    Price: $10.98 (if you prefer dogs, you can still be part of the fun)

    19. An update of the Rubik's Cube with carbon-fiber stickers for increased grip, so you can be stumped faster than ever.

    Promising review: "I originally bought this for my youngest child's birthday. She asked for a Rubik's Cube and this one had the best reviews, but those simple reviews totally undersold this item. From the moment my daughter opened this, it was the highlight of her birthday. My Little Ponies? Tossed to the side. Jewelry? Might as well be forgotten. The new iWhatever? HA! As if it stood a chance against this cube.

    Within a few days of opening it, she figured out how to mix everything up and solve it again. She managed to even make her moody teenage brother jealous, and now he wants one too. I've noticed her sister eyeing it as well, and my husband and I are betting on how long it takes before Rubik's Cubes become the new craze at her school (since it has already taken over our house). It is so much fun to see her sitting down and doing something that doesn't involve a screen. This is the best gift she has ever gotten; my daughter's words, not mine. Seriously, buy this cube!!" β€”Kalma

    Price: $8.99

    20. Or a cube with unequal and mirrored sides to fully terrify your Inner Child who couldn't ever get that last blue cube on its correct side.

    Promising review: "My son is obsessed with Rubik's Cubes, and is able to solve the regular cube very well. This was the next step for him; the algorithm is not different, but the mirror faces add just enough difficulty, without creating excessive frustration. If your kid learned to solve the regular cube and is looking for another challenge, I'd say this is what you're looking for." β€”A. Sun

    Price: $7.99

    21. And a set of puzzle erasers that can be taken apart and reassembled, because no one has to know about the mistakes you made on the way to The Right Answer.

    Promising review: "Entertainment for hours. I got these for the kids at a work party, BUT competitive adults took them and were racing to see who could figure them out quicker." β€”EID

    Price: $9.99 (for a set of 12)

    Hold on, let's check the box again...

    The Simpsons

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