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    22 Of The Best Notebooks You Can Get On Amazon

    You should probably write that down...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A biodegradable notebook with a vegan-leather cover to turn your bullet journaling into a whale of a time.

    Promising review: "The faux leather cover is quite striking, and it feels good in-hand and indistinguishable from real leather. The paper is obviously of a high quality; it's creamy and has absolutely no bleed-through, even with fountain pens. The micro-perforated pages make removing a page for notes or a letter very convenient, which is a feature many hardback notebooks lack. Then, the finishing details: the closure, bookmark, and pen loop all function well and seem resilient (after being in my bag for a week). I am highly satisfied with this product, and will purchase more Dingbats products in the future." —Deja Johnston

    Price: $19.95 (available with dot grid, lined, plain, and squared pages; also available in nine other colors and animal covers)

    2. A lightweight sketchbook you can carry anywhere inspiration might take you.

    Promising review: "I always have some reservations about buying a new brand of sketchbook, but, after owning this one for only a little over a week, I can say I'm SOLD. I'm already about a third of the way through it and it takes pen, colored pencil, light washes, and marker applications beautifully." —Anna

    Price: $9.94 for a small sketchbook, $14.77 for medium, $17.94 for large, and $24.94 for extra large

    3. A smart notebook with reusable pages so you can handwrite the first draft of that novella, erase it in disgust, then rewrite it without having to buy another notebook.

    This Rocketbook notebook's pages wipe clean with a damp cloth, as long as you use Pilot FriXion pens (one of which is included with the notebook). As a smart notebook, it comes with offline app-integration that allows you to scan notes from your pages directly into emails, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, Slack, and iCloud.

    Promising review: "As an IT professional, I have to use many devices, and this is the solution for taking quick notes I need to immediately upload and share with others." —Jovi

    Price: $29.97 for executive size, $34 for letter size

    4. A weatherproof top-spiral notebook for all the notes you need to take when you're in the field. "Day three, outside my apartment: saw a dog, good day overall."

    Promising review: "The first thing anyone does when receiving a Rite in the Rain notebook is (of course) stick it underwater! After that, a first-timer will usually crumple the paper to see if anything happens; nothing happens. Then, it's rubbing time, etc. This paper will still work after you've machine washed it (I've tried). Once, I took it down with me while scuba diving to see if it would still work, and it did. This is a true outdoor product. When you need to take notes while it's raining, or the weather is excessively damp and humid, there is no substitute for it." —Jacob J.

    Price: $4.51+ for one notebook, $12.99+ for a set of three (available in eight colors)

    5. A thread-bound notebook with numbered pages, stickers for labeling, two ribbons for marking your page, and a blank table of contents so you can finally (FINALLY) organize your thoughts.

    Promising review: "I've been looking to start a bullet journal for a while now, and I started off with a Moleskine. I switched to Leuchtturm after reading some reviews, even though I was skeptical about the minute differences between the two. I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the attention to detail in this lovely little journal, and I'm 100% behind it. The pages are great quality and have less bleeding than other notebooks I've used. The cover lays flat on a table, so I don't have that awkward hump to write over in the middle. It has two bookmarks for organization, along with numbered pages and an index right up front. All of these are little qualities I'm extremely thankful for, and I won't be going back to any other brands. This is a great journal for beginners or enthusiasts alike. Great investment, and great quality." —Casey

    Price: $19.95+ (available in 21 colors)

    6. A rustic, leather-bound journal you can fill with incantations and spells you learned at a school for wizards (or, maybe just notes about your day).

    Promising review: "This is seriously THE most beautiful notebook I have ever seen. The leather is undoubtedly real and is so soft to the touch. It has a subtle earthy, leather scent that sets the mood for your journaling or writing time! The wrap-around closure string on this notebook gives off really retro vibes, and just looking at the notebook makes me want to write. The pictures don't do it enough justice. I bought this on sale, but would not hesitate to buy it at full price." —AdoraMeow

    Price: $24.95 for a 7x5-inch notebook (with a gift box and pen for $30.95) or $30.95 for a 8x6-inch notebook (with a gift box and pen for $36.95)

    7. A three-pack of pocket notebooks perfect for the moments when you need to write a to-do list or a little Dad Joke you want to save for later.

    Promising review: "In the crowded market of 3.5x5.5-inch notebooks, Word Notebooks stand out. Yes, the covers are attractive, but (for serious users) it's really the page formatting that's distinctive and remarkably useful. The faint lines, and their accompanying icon indicating state of task completion, are perfect for making to-do lists. I like the dot-grid pattern of FieldNotes and the quality of Moleskine. But, if you're serious about making lists and keeping track of their completion status, Word Notebooks are the best." —mr cub

    Price: $10.99

    8. An expanded edition of Wreck This Journal (with 16 new prompts) to get your creativity moving with a bit of Bookish Anarchy.,

    Promising review: "This book both gives me anxiety AND relives it in a childlike way. I'm an avid reader and my books are my prizes possessions, so, when the first page told me to crack the spine, I nearly cried as I bent the book backward. But, when I heard that spine crack, it was like my shell cracked and I was free from the chains of all my books. Somewhere in the book, you will find a page that tells you to attach a string to the spine of the book and swing wildly; I recommend clearing the room of all living creatures and breakables, when you do. I think my little sister might still have a bump. Otherwise, this book was a fantastic experience and I recommend it for all ages. I am 24 and this is a fantastic stress reliever." —Jessica J.

    Price: $13.50 for the expanded edition (you can also get a portable edition for $8.98).

    9. A replica Death Note that'll come with a feather pen so your cosplay as fellow notebook-fan Kira will do him justice.

    Promising review: "Though smaller than I originally imagined, this item is a must-have for any fan of the Death Note series. The notebook features a faux-leather cover and it includes the entire 'How to Use It' ruleset (written by Ryuk) featured in the anime. What's more, the book is packaged inside a little box that includes a feather quill pen, which I thought was a nice addition. The pages are lined and each one is thick enough for writing. This isn't some cheap notebook where the pages tear easily. It's a perfect item for journaling, or for use as a cosplay prop. Also, if you're a collector like myself, it makes a great conversation piece, and would definitely make a great gift for any Death Note fan you know. I highly recommend it." —RaineHutchens

    Price: $6.04

    10. A weekly planner/notebook hybrid to manage your dates all the way into 2019, so you can say, "Hold on, I need to check if I have time for that," and whip out this baby.

    If you want a comprehensive breakdown of three planners at three different price-points, so you can be fully informed before choosing a planner, check out our review!

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this planner! The quality of it is outstanding. The cover has retained its form, despite living in my very jumbled backpack. The paper is nice and heavy; there has been no problem with any bleed-through using any of my several pens. Unlike some other journals I have tried, this one actually lays open pretty flat, making it easy to write in. And, the bonus of that elastic pen loop on the spine makes it so easy to always have a pen ready." —Jorya

    Price: $15.99 (covers May 2018 through June 2019)

    11. A glow-in-dark solar system diary with a lock and key for all the thoughts your kid needs to keep out of this world.

    Promising review: "This was a Christmas present for my stepdaughter. While she's not much of a daily journaler, she wanted something more private, something she could lock, and I wanted to be able to have a key just in case I needed it. She also loves space and anything that glows in the dark, so this was a huge hit on all fronts. It gives her just enough privacy (mainly from snooping cousins) while being exceedingly cool. The first few nights, she actually left it on her nightstand to just admire it. Nice size for easy hiding, quality lined paper with a good amount of pages to keep kids busy writing down their hearts' secrets. Or, they might be plotting to rule the world, whatever." —ah

    Price: $9.99

    12. A decomposition notebook made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, because you've got to do your part to conserve the resources of this planet before we have to put all our cats in spacesuits.

    Have fun in space, brave ~cat~stronauts.

    Promising review: "I am currently the coolest kid in my grad school, solely because of this notebook. The real adults at the library are, however, somewhat less impressed." —Dani Dawidowicz

    Price: $5.60

    13. A delicate floral-printed journal with touches of gloss and gold foil on the cover for all your most withering of poetry.

    Promising review: "Aaaww, this is the cutest journal, I love it." —Emma

    Price: $8.76

    14. A five-pack of MUJI grid-lined notebooks your favorite writer is probably scrawling in at this very second.

    I've been buying MUJI notebooks for quite a while, and they're definitely my favorites. Also, I'm pretty sure I once saw one of my favorite contemporary authors, Safia Elhillo (BUY HER BOOK, The January Children), post on Instagram about using their notebooks, which made me feel like I had the ~write~ idea all along.

    Promising review: "These are my first A5 notebooks and for my needs (portable notes & doodles I don't feel bad throwing away a few months from now) they're perfect. I won't hesitate to buy another pack (or ten!) of these notebooks. If you're a stickler for nice paper at a good price, I'd suggest you do the same!" —Alex Martin

    Price: $13.12

    15. A two-pack of bullet journals with pages that don't bleed so your musings stay in their lane (or, at least, on the same page-side you originally wrote them).

    BTW, we put together a bullet-journal starter guide for y'all.

    Promising review: "I LOVE THESE! I cannot say it enough! I highly RECOMMEND these to any and EVERYONE, all the time." —Angela Le

    Price: $13.99 for dotted paper, $14.56 for ruled paper

    If you like to sketch in your bullet journal, check out this 12-piece stencil set.

    16. A composition notebook with genkouyoushi paper to practice writing kanji and kana characters, because learning to write in Japanese is difficult enough without worrying whether your strokes are too big.,

    This notebook has a hiragana and katakana reference page, complete with stroke order and romaji reading!

    Promising review: "These are perfect for practicing kana and kanji. Flexible but not totally floppy, 8.5x11x0.25. Covers are thick enough to be useful without being too stiff to interfere with writing, and both covers have a space for writing your name, course, work title, etc so you can use the book right to left or left to right, your choice. Overall this is a great notebook for writing kana/kanji on the right-hand page, and translations, romaji, notes, etc. on the left ruled-line pages. I write in the right-hand column boxes Japanese style (top to bottom, right to left), then write the romaji, translation and notes on the ruled left page. Nothing too cramped, nothing too big, exactly what you want. Very well thought out." —Grim Reaper

    Price: $6.49

    17. A five-pack of dotted and ruled notebooks for anyone who needs to keep their diagrams properly scaled and on point.

    Promising review: "These are the perfect notebooks for university biology labs. The dots facilitate the drawing of tables and diagrams, and the pages are thick enough to write on both sides. Having fewer pages worried me, but I only used half a notebook and didn't waste nearly as many pages as I would've had I used a regular composition notebook." —Michael

    Price: $14.45

    18. A journal with a pen-test page, so you can make sure you chose the right gel pen for an updated ranking of your favorite gel pens.

    Promising review: "Love this journal! Not only does it have everything the more expensive journals have, it costs less and is so much cuter!" —TracyC

    Price: $19.99 (available in 12 colors)

    19. A minimalist executive notebook for all the Big Business you need to attend to, like notes on the latest corporate merger or games of M.A.S.H. during boring meetings.

    Promising review: "A long-time Moleskine loyalist, I have purchased a great deal of journals over the years. I probably should own stock in Moleskine and I have loved my red Moleskines, which is why it saddens me to write this review of my shameless affair with this notebook sold by UNNI. But, I'm sorry, Moleskine. Really, I am. We had a good thing, but you're no longer the journal I fell in love with; you've changed. Thanks for all the memories and I wish you well, but I'm gonna ride with UNNI from now on." —Luna Soledad

    Price: $10.95 (available in plain, ruled, and dotted paper, and in two colors)

    20. A notebook to inspire future novelists, because the future of this world isn't going to write itself.

    Promising review: "I am studying how to better teach writing as part of my Rank 1 program (the highest level teachers in our state can achieve), and this is one of the books I highly recommend to other writing teachers. The best way to use it is to buy a classroom set (if possible), and read four chapters a week the first month of school. In each chapter, the author provides something for the kids to try in their Writer's Notebooks, so (by all means) have them try whatever it is. Let kids decorate their Notebooks too, before you begin, so it's personalized and it feels more important to them. One of the chapters is about making lists, and the author gives lots of examples from kids. One of the strong points of this book is it's created for kids, not adults. After using the ideas in this book, all my kids want to do now is WRITE!" —K. Spencer

    Price: $5.99 for the paperback edition, $14.91 for the edition with library binding

    21. A college student's dream notebook with a header section to record which pages of your notes are for which lecture.

    Promising review: "Love it! The layout of this notebook makes it much easier to find everything I need for my CHEM class, quickly. It's organized just like the pictures show, with a section at the top for subject /topic, date, etc. The pages have a column on the left, which I find most helpful, and a summary section on the bottom (shaded gray, a bit too dark for me). I use the notebook for note-taking, lesson planning, and for keeping my homework organized (especially word problems). The column on the left is a great place to put key equations, and notes for tricky problems. I recommend at least *trying* this format for note-taking and homework, regardless of whether or not you need a spiral notebook, like this, or just loose-leaf paper." —Mom of 2

    Price: $8.99 for a wire-bound 6x9-inch notebook, $11.99 for wire-bound 8.5x11-inch, or $19.99 for hardbound 8x10-inch

    22. A three-pack of sloth notebooks that will say to you, "What's the rush? You can write tomorrow."

    Promising review: "I am one of "'hose people' who are attempting to write a novel (I know, I know, I felt pretentious just typing that). I also use journals for therapy, dream recording, and fitness/health tracking, and generally get geeky about office supplies; so, I’m always on the search for new notebooks. My notebook/journal requirements: 1) MUST LAY FLAT, 2) has decent paper that feels nice to write on, 3) is not too heavy to regularly carry, 4) is affordable so I don’t feel guilty wasting money on my drivel, and 5) is visually appealing enough to make me want to write in it. I need all the motivation I can get. These notebooks check all five boxes. Bottom line, I’ll be ordering packs of these regularly. 5 stars." —CK

    Price: $11.99+ (available in 11 other prints and assortments)

    Why yes, I am a writer, how did you know?

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