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    Here's How To Choose The Best Insoles For Your Feet

    A lot of ~Feet Talk~ in this post, don't be surprised.

    1. Be honest with yourself about whether you need a pair of insoles or a pair of shoes that fit better. Insoles can correct (or enhance) the comfort and fit of your favorite pair of shoes, but they can’t bring them back from the ~footbed dead~.

    2. Familiarize yourself with some of the more common foot problems and biomechanical issues that are correctable with insoles and learn your gait type.

    3. To correct overpronation, try out these Spenco Total Support Max insoles with advanced support for your arch and heel, so you can get running right (and left, maybe even backward).

    4. Or, to correct underpronation, use these New Balance insoles with an arch shape that allows warm air to flow out while bringing cold air in, keeping your toes fresh and aligned.

    5. Determine the kind of support you want (/deserve!) by identifying your arch type.

    6. For high arches, check out these premium-EVA insoles with an anatomical arch that improves your foot and leg alignment, because your feet need a hero to protect them from soreness.

    7. Or, for low arches, slip these Sof Sole FIT insoles into your shoes and walk off into the sunset.

    8. Recognize the difference between the three insole types: rigid, soft, and semi-rigid support insoles.

    9. Don’t be afraid to consider higher quality insoles, even insoles customized to your feet, because foot health is serious business and you want to keep the proper glide in your stride.

    10. Or, add a bit of luxury to your shoe-game with a pair of Australian Sheepskin insoles guaranteed to fluff up even your ~homely~ slippers.

    11. Elevate your performance by adding SOLE running insoles into your whatever shoes you use to pound the pavement. Running is tough enough without the proper support, right?

    12. And take to the trails like never before with Timberland anti-fatigue insoles, perfect for hiking the backcountry or up that last hill on the way to work.

    13. Support your kids ~from the ground up~ by giving them memory foam insoles made for their cute little play-shoes.

    14. Cushion the ball of your feet with shock-absorbing gel inserts to prevent toe slippage and add stability to your strut.

    15. Or, pad the inside of your favorite heels with a grippy liner that firms up your fit and kicks blisters to the curb.

    16. Give any flats Birkenstock-level comfort with a two-part arch system designed specifically for sporty shoes.

    17. If you can't find what you need, make an appointment with Dr. Scholl's (or your podiatrist) to get a professional opinion on what's best for your feet.

    Persevere, my Footbed Friend. It can be difficult to find the right match, because your feet have their own unique shape and needs, but your Perfect Insole is out there, waiting for you!

    Gotta put your heart and ~sole~ into this.

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