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    18 Foods That'll Basically Last Forever

    When the apocalypse comes, you better get ready to eat a lot of these.

    1. A bottle of apple cider vinegar to use as a vegetable wash in in a vinaigrette whenever you're good and ready to eat a salad. Maybe next year, no rush!

    2. A six-pack of sea salt shakers for adding a little something (/anything) to the hearty breakfast you somehow both under- and overcooked.

    3. A bag of potato flakes so you can have mashed potatoes available at an instant, even when this bag gets forgotten deep in your cupboard.

    4. A bottle of Nature Nate's unfiltered honey that won't get bitter with age. Let this honey double as a role-model for your own ~gentle~ maturation.

    5. A jar of instant coffee, because your favorite coffeeshops will open and close, but instant coffee is always there for you.

    6. A 12-pack of organic ramen you can buy now and keep until your kids are in college. "Here you go, my child. This is what I ate in college — these exact packets, in fact."

    7. A bottle of organic maple syrup that held up just fine inside a tree and holds up even better in your temperature-regulated kitchen.

    8. A four-pound canister of dried lentils to power up your vegetarian dishes with a dense, non-meat source of potassium, iron, and protein.

    9. A bag of old-fashioned rolled oats so your mornings can begin with a new personal mantra, "My life is a mess, but my oats are fresh."

    10. A three-pack of lower-sodium soy sauce for all your favorite East-Asian dishes. An enduring sauce for an enduring cuisine, perf!

    11. A four-pound bag of raw sugar that stays sweet and innocent, even after it sees you mercilessly demolish a frightening amount of baked goods.

    12. A 12-pack of canned beef to stock your emergency bunker with, as you hold tryouts for potential members of your Zombie Apocalypse Team.

    13. A six-pack of British Blend black tea for a cuppa while marathoning The Great British Baking Show. Noel Fielding is the best host the show has ever had, btw.

    14. A packet of powdered coconut milk that can (comfortably) live in your purse, until you need a non-dairy creamer or quick bowl of cereal on the subway.

    15. A bottle of pure vanilla extract just as dependable (and ready to bake a cake at midnight) as your best friend.

    16. A 20-pound bag of jasmine rice, because your love of rice isn't going anywhere — and you want a bag with the same type of longevity.

    17. A jar of ghee butter mixed with Himalayan pink salt so you can kick regular butter to the curb and start sautéing with more oomph.

    18. And a 10-count box of Twinkies, the Immortal Snack Cake. Global warming, malevolent artificial intelligence, and/or nuclear warfare might end humanity, but Twinkies wouldn't even flinch.

    I've been saving this baby since the 90s.

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