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10 Things All Ladies Hate About Being A Woman

Being a woman is hard.

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1. Being unable to walk down a street without being harassed. / Via

It doesn't matter what time of day it is or how we're dressed, catcalling is not appropriate.

2. Men assuming we "want it." / Via

So what if we're at a bar, a club, a party, or anywhere, really? Some women actually like being by themselves.

3. Being afraid to walk alone at night.

4. Being told by men what we can do with our bodies.

Preach, Tina, preach.

5. Growing up seeing women portrayed as weak on TV.

We do NOT always need to be rescued, thank you very much.

6. Having to explain what constitutes rape to other women.

Being taking advantage of while drunk isn't being a "slut:" it's rape.

7. That being feminist makes us "man-haters."

8. Our promiscuity being judged by our skirt lengths.

9. That we get paid less than our male colleagues.

This seems a tad unfair.

10. That we keep having to say this.

These aren't new ideas and so many of us have said them, so why isn't the world listening?

One Thing We Love About Being Women:

We are strong enough to change all this.

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