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    17 Pictures That Prove Toronto The Good Is Actually Pretty Badass

    Think Toronto is all Bay Street button-ups? Think again.

    1. Ladies and Gentlemen, cyclists of Toronto.

    Flickr: Commodore Gandalf Cunningham / Via Flickr: gandalfcunningham

    2. Toronto can be anywhere it wants to be. Chicago, New York, Boston – we’ve got your numbers.

    Flickr: Michael Gil / Via Flickr: msvg

    3. Torontonians always make the best of things. Take these incredibly popular buttons from Spacing Magazine, inspired by the city’s damaged transit system.

    Flickr: hobvias sudoneighm / Via Flickr: striatic

    4. This sharp door handle at the old Fashion Crimes on Queen West (RIP, Fashion Crimes), is all like, “Can you really handle our fresh T-dot style?”

    Flickr: Cory Doctorow / Via Flickr: doctorow

    5. The fact that Javier would even ask for help with this says a lot about how nice Torontonians are (and yeah, being nice IS badass).

    6. Weather? Pshaw. That doesn’t stop the T-dot from getting down to business.

    Flickr: Chung Ho Leung / Via Flickr: chungholeung

    7. You have questions? Toronto has answers.

    Flickr: Tyler Lawrence / Via Flickr: tylerbeaulawrence

    8. Seriously, Hogtown knows bacon.

    Flickr: Chad Elston / Via Flickr: cmax

    9. The Humber River flows through Toronto’s west end, and it’s the kind of place that inspires citizen art.

    Flickr: Michael Gil / Via Flickr: msvg

    10. Kensington Market is another source of inspiration for Toronto badasses.

    Flickr: Diego Torres Silvestre / Via Flickr: 3336

    11. Not only does the OCAD building exist, but you can go to school in it.

    Flickr: bobistraveling / Via Flickr: bobistraveling

    12. Toronto may be Canada’s biggest city, but we’re still cool.

    Flickr: ithinkx / Via Flickr: ithinkx

    13. And when we say we’re inclusive, we mean it.

    Flickr: ithinkx / Via Flickr: ithinkx

    14. But if we have to spell out the rules, we'll do that too.

    Flickr: Mario Klingemann / Via Flickr: quasimondo

    15. Plus, we've got this guy.

    Flickr: Michael P / Via Flickr: 83762543@N00

    16. Even our mannequins are sassy.

    Flickr: Melanie / Via Flickr: diluvienne

    17. That's right, we're proud.

    Flickr: Stephen Weppler / Via Flickr: stevieontario

    What Toronto badassery makes you love the city?