Christoph Waltz Is Sexy: 10 Examples (As If You Needed Any Convincing)

Besides everything, here is a short (and thus incomplete, and orderless) list of wonderful/sexy/perfect/asdfghjkl; things (with PICTURES) about Christoph Waltz. Note: This list doesn’t really do his entire perfect being justice but… enjoy, yes?

1. Shoulder snuggles.

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  

How could you say no to this man affectionately nuzzling your shoulder? Look at that adorable blasphemy.

2. Facial hair + glasses = OH GOD, YES.

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  


3. Clean shaven + glasses = KILL ME NOW.

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  

… Pretty sure it’s—on some level—completely heinous to be this utterly sexy and… just… completely, devilishly drop-dead gorgeous.

Furry or not, the glasses fucking work.

4. In uniform?

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  

… Que puis-je obtenir avec de la crème? Oui s’il vous plaît.

(No need to wait for cream, if you catch my drift.)

5. Oh GOTT, ja.

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  

Never enough Landa.

6. Ah, The Green Hornet.

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  

He’s portrayed a lot of villains.
… And I’m okay with that.
Very okay with that.

7. Those legs.

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  

Self explanitory.

8. Not to mention, he’s a sharp dresser.

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  


9. … Need I say more?

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  


10. Needless to say…

Christoph Waltz Fans / Via  


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