These Women Wore Underwear That Filtered Their Farts And Questioned Everything

    "Dryer sheets for your butthole."

    Shrek once said, "better out than in." But sometimes farting can be pretty unpleasant for the folks around you. Hold up though: There's an underwear that helps your farts no longer smell, and the Ladylike women tested it out:

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    Folks, meet Shreddies: a "flatulence filtering underwear."

    It seemed like the women were extremely interested in Shreddies even though they didn't have much of a problem farting around people (specifically, significant others).

    If anything, it strengthened some of their relationships...

    ...and was a red flag for others.

    Some background behind this story: Freddie went on date, the guy told her that he didn't have a problem with anything besides farting, and he never heard from Freddie again.

    The ladies were quite surprised at how thick the underwear was, giving them the reassurance that the stench from their farts would really be protected.

    So after putting them on, the ladies were off to feast on some of the best foods to give them the worst gas.

    Freddie had the chance to let her food settle and Kristin was willing to be the first person to smell the aftermath. Surprisingly, Kristin didn't smell anything!

    Meanwhile, Chantel was just letting her farts loose and no one around her complained about it being smelly.

    And when Kristin got home after a long day of not farting and let one loose, Brian didn't smell anything either!

    So far it seemed like this underwear was working, so the gals decided to get some outside opinions about farting in public. Most people saw it as something completely natural to not only talk about but do.

    And when the ladies asked them if they would purchase a pair of Shreddies just in case their farts were a little potent, they were open to the idea:

    So even though Shreddies do work, you definitely don't have to restock your underwear with only stench repellent undies, 'cause farting is natural.

    But these women definitely approved of having a pair just in case of an emergency.