Tell Us The Values Your Parents Instilled In You That You Don't Believe In As An Adult

    Tell me all the things your parents taught that just don't add up in adulthood.

    During your childhood, your parents may have shared life lessons that resonate with you to this day. On the other hand, some things you were taught might not have held up so well as you matured.

    I want to hear about the things your parents tried to instill in you as a kid that you've come to ignore in adulthood.

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    Maybe solving every problem on your own was praised in your household, and over the years, you've realized that there's no shame in going to others for help when you need it.

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    Perhaps your parents always told you to strive for perfection, and instead you’ve found it beneficial to just do your personal best since perfection is impossible to attain.

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    You could have been raised to think that salary should be a main factor in determining your career path, but you’ve chosen to pursue what you’re passionate about, trusting that the money will come to you in due time.

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    What's something your parents raised you to believe or value that you disregard as an adult? Let me know in the comments below, or, if you'd rather stay anonymous, you can fill out this Google form here. Your answer may be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!