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If You've Been Taken To A Wild Location On A First Date, Share Your Story With Us

We want to know about your craziest first date spots.

Where someone takes you for a romantic outing says a lot about who they are. Some traditional first dates might take place at a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a movie theater.

But, in certain cases, your date may choose a setting that's more unconventional. For example, a past date could've brought you to their parents' place during your initial get-together.

Or, maybe a date of yours took you to a strip club the first time you two made plans to hang out.

Perhaps someone invited you to a party for a first date, and to your surprise, the celebration was happening at their ex's house.

If you've ever been taken to a wild place for a first date, we want to hear your story.

Let us know about these strange encounters in the comments below, and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!