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    I Learned These Fascinating Psychology Facts And Now I Feel Like A Mindfreak Genius

    Number six will justify all of your impulsive online purchases.

    Psychological studies can reveal facts about human thoughts and behavior that are pretty mind-blowing.

    Did you know, for example, that working at a messy desk can inspire people to be more creative and form new concepts?

    Or that research has shown closing your eyes can help you recall things that may have slipped your mind?

    Here are 20 more fascinating psych facts that will cause you to shift your perspective once you read them.

    1. Researchers have narrowed down the human personality to five basic traits.

    A woman stands against a yellow background and holds up her hand

    2. A 2019 study suggested that psychopathic men tend to receive a higher rating of attractiveness from women.

    A woman smiles at a man during a coffee date

    3. Controlling our dreams is possible, and people can learn techniques to encourage having more dreams in which this may happen.

    A woman wearing a gray v-neck tee takes a nap

    4. Falling in love consists of three distinct stages.

    A couple in love embraces on the beach

    5. Yawns are contagious — regardless of the yawner's position.

    A man and a woman yawn next to one another

    6. About 95% of our purchasing choices are made subconsciously.

    A woman carries a couple of shopping bags while walking through the mall

    7. Researchers have helped identify a trait that most people find attractive in potential partners.

    A man and a woman laugh and embrace

    8. Backup plans may not be all that beneficial in the grand scheme of things.

    A woman writes in her journal

    9. Sarcasm can generate creative ideas.

    A man gives a thumbs up

    10. The average IQ of a serial killer isn't what you might think it is.

    Ted Bundy sits in court in Orlando, Florida

    11. Our personalities are pretty much set for life by the time we turn five, according to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

    A group of five-year-old children smile on a playground

    12. When you're surrounded by other people, it's less likely you'll step in when witnessing someone being victimized.

    Many people walk along a street

    13. Taking strategic breaks can boost your level of productivity.

    A construction worker takes a break and sips some water

    14. Both color and lighting influence our behavior.

    A woman looks up at a colorful image emitting green and red light

    15. Sweets might make you sweeter!

    A woman smiles while eating cotton candy at an amusement park

    16. False memories are a real thing, and they're actually extremely common.

    A grandmother looks through a photo album with her granddaughter and points at a picture

    17. Want to get someone to like you? Ask them for a favor.

    Two women work on a computer in their office

    18. Conspiracy theories are more likely to be believed by those who feel like they don't belong.

    A woman sits on a couch in her home and looks out the window

    19. What you wear influences how you feel, think, and perform tasks.

    A man dressed in a suit fixes his tie

    20. And lastly, your thoughts really do shape your reality.

    A woman is deep in thought as she sits behind her laptop

    Which psychology facts interest you most? Let us know in the comments section below!