People Who Decided Not To Have Kids, Share With Us The Reasons You Don’t Regret This Choice

    Let us know why this was the best option for you.

    Having children can be a source of joy for many people, but it's certainly not required to lead a fulfilled and happy life. Doing what's best for you is always the best policy!

    If you are someone who decided not to have kids, we want to hear about why, looking back, you know this was the right decision for you.

    Maybe you now witness friends or family members raising their kids and realize that you wouldn't be happy in their position.

    Perhaps you love living life with spontaneity and freedom, and you know that having children would have interfered with this.

    Or it's possible you just know intuitively that being a parent was never meant to be part of your journey.

    To everyone who chose not to have kids, please share with us why you don't regret this choice. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!