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These 28 Moments Are Evidence That Mr. Moseby Was Slept On In "The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody"

He could run a luxury hotel and do the Shorty George like nobody else.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was such a memorable show for '00s kids, and it had an all-around hilarious and gifted cast.

It starred Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zack and Cody Martin.

Kim Rhodes played their mom, Carey Martin.

Brenda Song portrayed hotel heiress London Tipton.

Ashley Tisdale was Tipton hotel employee Maddie Fitzpatrick.

And Phill Lewis played hotel manager Mr. Marion Moseby.

Mr. Moseby was a hands-on manager who was always around to keep things in order and save the day.

And he never stood for the shenanigans Zack and Cody would try to pull at the hotel.

Here are 28 of Moseby's best moments, proving that he didn't get all the love he deserved in The Suite Life.

1. When he gave Carey an "I told you so" where it was due.

Mr. Moseby and Carey Martin witness a satellite dish falling from the twins' hotel room

2. When he kept his eye on a high-maintenance stage mom.

Mr. Moseby questions how trustworthy a demanding pageant mom is

3. When he used his own baseball lingo.

Mr. Moseby offers Zack and Cody baseball game tickets

4. When he wasn't playing around about the promised timing for his pizza delivery service.

Mr. Moseby hears a knock at the door and believes it's a pizza he ordered exactly 31 minutes ago

5. When he let his true feelings for Zack and Cody be known.

Mr. Moseby says that, after seeing what Zack and Cody are like, he won't be having kids of his own

6. When his priority was always the Tipton.

Mr. Moseby brings Zack and Cody to Carey in the lobby after finding them in an air vent

7. When he auditioned for a Tipton Hotel commercial and killed it in this role.

Mr. Moseby dances for a Tipton commercial

8. When he danced with some nuns at Maddie's prom.

Mr. Moseby dances at Maddie's prom

9. When he lost his patience with London while teaching her how to drive.

Mr. Moseby becomes frustrated with London's approach to driving

10. When he joked around with a skeleton.

Mr. Moseby jokes around with a talking skeleton character at a Halloween party

11. When he knew how to keep it cool in front of hotel guests.

Mr. Moseby keeps it cool in front of hotel guests, then erupts at London for throwing a late night party in her hotel suite

12. When he was vocal about how he felt while dealing with rowdy crowds.

Mr. Moseby makes his way through the crowd at a party

13. When he squashed Lance's fishy aspirations.

Mr. Moseby tries to teach Lance how to improve his social etiquette for a party with his girlfriend, London

14. When he let Cody's money do the talking.

Mr. Moseby accepts money from Cody for bringing London's dog over after her grooming

15. When he could smack talk with the best of 'em.

Mr. Moseby taunts Yankees players at a Yankees vs. Red Sox game

16. When he wasn't expecting his food order to be delivered so directly.

Mr. Moseby orders peanuts at a Red Sox game

17. When he kept a low pro after he committed fan interference and lost a game for the Red Sox.

Mr. Moseby tries to go incognito after he makes the Red Sox lose to the Yankees

18. When he almost kept his composure after facing the wrath of rival hotel manager and previous hotel inspector, Ilsa.

Mr. Moseby fanits from fear when Ilsa visits the Tipton lobby

19. When he gave his review of Cody's homemade cookies.

Mr. Moseby enjoys cookies made by Cody

20. When he and London got stood up by London's father, and he tried to put on a happy face.

Mr. Moseby fakes a smile while he is sad that London's father didn't show up when he was expecting him

21. When he called Maddie out for not offering for London to stay with her while she was broke.

22. When he couldn't believe the poor customer service at other hotels.

Mr. Moseby complains that his wake-up call was three minutes late

23. When he was willing to risk it all for Tipton property.

Mr. Moseby leaps to save a vase in the Tipton hotel lobby

24. When he cracked himself up.

Mr. Moseby jokes around with some spelling bee contestants who are staying at the Tipton

25. When he tried to silence Maddie and London's school assignment baby doll, which got some concerned stares from a nearby hotel guest.

Mr. Moseby alarms a hotel guest when he throws a crying baby doll against a chair

26. When he was always ready for a professional call, day or night.

Mr. Moseby answers his phone in the middle of the night

27. When Zack and Cody visited a parallel universe, and he was much more chill.

In a parallel universe, Mr. Moseby is much more relaxed and goes by "M"

28. And, lastly, when he busted out the Shorty George.

Mr. Moseby teaches London how to dance by demonstrating the Shorty George

Moseby definitely deserves a standing ovation for gifting us with these funny moments.

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