The 31 Craziest Moments From "The Tinder Swindler" That Will Make You Afraid To Swipe Right Ever Again

    "One little swipe can change your life forever."

    If you're looking for a new true crime documentary to watch, I highly recommend The Tinder Swindler, which was released on Netflix on Feb. 2.

    The opening title shot is seen for "The Tinder Swindler" on Netflix

    The documentary follows the story of three women who were defrauded by Simon Leviev, a 31-year-old international fraudster who has been conning people out of money since his late teens.

    Simon Leviev poses for a selfie

    Simon swindled money in partnership with his bodyguard, Peter. He also worked closely with a business partner, Avishay.

    Simon walks with his bodyguard, Peter, and Avishay, his business partner

    The three women interviewed in the documentary, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte, all met Simon on Tinder. Pernilla struck up a friendship with Simon, while Simon dated Cecilie and Ayleen simultaneously without either woman knowing about the other.

    There are many insane moments throughout the documentary detailing how the story unfolded, and these 31 are some of the wildest ones.

    1. When Simon presented himself to Cecilie as the son of Lev Leviev.

    Cecilie talks about how Simon claimed to be the son of LLD Diamonds founder, Lev Leviev

    2. When Simon introduced Cecilie to his young daughter, her mother, and his lifestyle very soon after meeting on Tinder.

    Cecilie opens up about how things got personal in her relationship with Simon very early on

    3. When Cecilie noticed marks on Simon's back, which he said he got from being assaulted in prison.

    Cecilie describes how she noticed marks on Simon's back

    4. When Simon revealed some scary info right after his and Cecilie's relationship became official.

    Photos from "The Tinder Swindler" show Peter and Simon together, and a bullet Simon said they received as a threat in the mail

    5. When Simon flew Pernilla to Amsterdam quickly after meeting on Tinder while secretly still dating Cecilie.

    Pernilla talks about feeling a strong connection to Simon the first time she met him

    6. When Simon asked Cecilie to move in with him, and told her the budget would be $15,000 a month.

    Cecilie recalls being excited when Simon asked her to move in with him

    7. When Simon sent Cecilie photos of himself and Peter in an ambulance covered in blood, claiming it was the work of his enemies.

    Peter and Simon appear to be injured in images he sent to Cecilie

    8. When Simon asked for Cecilie's credit card account info, then $25,000 in cash.

    Cecilie talks about when Simon began asking her for money

    9. When Simon made Cecilie believe he was in danger because of a security breach, then flew to Stockholm and spent her money at a nightclub.

    Simon lies to Cecilie and says there's been a security breach and he's in danger, then flies to Stockholm and spends her money at a nightclub

    10. When Simon manipulated Cecilie into lying to American Express so he could continue spending more and more money under her name.

    Cecilie recalls how she lied to American Express to get Simon more money

    11. When Simon forged documents to convince American Express that Cecilie was making just over $94,000 a month so he could raise her credit limit and spend more.

    Cecilie says Simon forged documents to raise her credit limit and spend more

    12. When Simon told Pernilla he had begun dating a woman named Polina, and the three of them met up for a Mykonos trip while Simon ignored Cecilie.

    Simon is seen with his ex-girlfriend, Polina, and Pernilla talks about when she invited them to Mykonos

    13. When Simon's spending on his summer escapades added up to $250,000 under Cecilie's name.

    Pernilla describes the insane spending Simon carried out over the summer as he partied and traveled with Polina to various countries

    14. When Cecilie confessed what had been going on to American Express employees, and she learned that Simon was a professional fraudster.

    Cecilie discusses when American Express employees informed her that Simon was a professional con artist

    15. When Simon asked Pernilla for $30,000.

    Pernilla recalls when Simon asked her for $30,000, which she'd saved for a new apartment

    16. When Cecilie found an old news article and uncovered more about about Simon's past.

    Cecilie finds out that Simon conned women in the past from info in a news article

    17. When Cecilie reached out to the Norwegian news outlet, VG, and their journalists analyzed Simon's manipulation tactics.

    Journalists from VG describe analyzing Simon's tactics of manipulation

    18. When Cecilie found out the woman who said she was the mother of Simon's daughter had testified against him three years before Cecilie met Simon.

    Cecilie wonders why the woman who said she was the mother of Simon's child didn't warn her about his lies

    19. When VG journalists learned the extent of Simon's fraudster history after traveling to Israel, his native country.

    Three past ID cards show various identities Simon has assumed over the years

    20. When Simon took another $10,000 from Pernilla and sent her a phony receipt for a $100,000 bank transfer.

    Cecilie talks about the phony $100,000 bank transfer Simon sent her

    21. When VG journalists realized that Simon's strategy was using a Ponzi scheme.

    Pernilla and Natalie talk about Simon's tactics of scheming victims out of money

    22. When journalists traveled to Munich to try and film Simon with Pernilla going undercover to help them, and he realized he was being watched.

    Simon, Pernilla and Avishay exit a hotel after dinner and are seen in photos taken by VG journalists

    23. When Pernilla confronted Simon and he threatened her while journalists filmed the exchange.

    Simon threatens Pernilla when she confronts him about his lies

    24. When Simon was still a free man after VG published their article on his fraudulent schemes.

    Natalie explains that Simon remained free after their article revealed how he swindled people out of many globally

    25. When Simon's then-girlfriend, Ayleen, saw the article on Simon while waiting for a flight after visiting him.

    Ayleen recognizes her then-boyfriend, Simon, in an article about his cons against women

    26. When Ayleen decided to swindle Simon and get some payback.

    Ayleen says she devised a plan to get some revenge on Simon for his lies and theft

    27. When Simon's extreme requests were rejected by a plastic surgeon in Prague.

    Ayleen talks about how a plastic surgeon refused to do extensive work on Simon's face

    28. When Simon realized Ayleen was done giving him money and the darker side of his personality came out.

    Simon sends many voice memos to Ayleen when he realizes she's not going to give him any more money

    29. When Simon was powerless without the ability to swindle people out of money and ended up in a hostel, calling himself the "homeless king."

    Simon sends Ayleen updates of his homelessness after running out of stolen funds

    30. When Ayleen's quick thinking helped lead to Simon's arrest (which he never found out she was behind, until he presumably watched the documentary).

    Simon is taken away by authorities

    31. When the documentary ended with some crazy updates, including that Simon is now living as a free man in Israel although it's estimated he's cheated people out of $10 million worldwide.

    Simon poses for photos in luxury cars and in a helicopter with his then-girlfriend, Kate Konlin