"Married At First Sight" Season 15 Is Here, And These Are The Five Couples Who Are Getting Hitched

    Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper have returned to pair up these 10 singles!

    Reality TV dating is still alive and well! A brand new season of Married at First Sight started airing on Wednesday, July 6. This means a group of 10 singles who are ready to walk down the aisle will be matched up with total strangers to share their lives with.

    This can either have awesome results if a pair hits it off and is compatible as long-term partners...

    Or it can be a bit turbulent if a connection can't go the distance.

    Either way, the show offers hopefuls the chance to find lasting love and is entertaining as heck! Let's take a look at the couples of MAFS Season 15.

    1. Couple number one: Stacia and Nate.

    Stacia smiles during a "Married at First Sight" confessional, Nate smiles while talking with friends

    2. Couple number two: Krysten and Mitch.

    Krysten smiles as she appears on "Married at First Sight," and Mitch rides a bike

    3. Couple number three: Morgan and Binh.

    Morgan talks about her dating history, Binh laughs during a meeting with his friends

    4. Couple number four: Lindy and Miguel.

    Lindy smiles while revealing to her friends she's about to get married in to weeks, and Miguel is interviewed for a "Married at First Sight" confessional

    5. Couple number five: Alexis and Justin.

    Alexis struts down the sidewalk, and Justin chats with his brother and sister-in-law

    Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime and can be streamed the next day.