What's Something No One Understands About What It's Like Applying For Jobs Right Now?

    I want to know all the deets on job seeking.

    Applying for potential new jobs can be a process that has all kinds of peaks and valleys.

    If you're currently searching for work, I want to know what your honest experiences with filling out applications have been like so far.

    A man fills out a form at a front desk

    Maybe you've been trying to find listings for full-time positions, but you've noticed that many companies are only looking to hire contract or part-time employees.

    A man types on his laptop while sitting on the couch

    Perhaps you've completed successful interviews after applying for jobs, but ultimately, none of these opportunities have been just the right fit for your goals and skill set.

    A woman shows her resume to a hiring manager during a job interview

    Or, it could be that, although you're experienced in your field, it's proven to be difficult for you to secure any interviews.

    A woman looks frustrated as she works on her laptop at home

    Tell us in the comments below everything you wish people understood about applying for jobs right now. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.