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    43 Moments From Season 2 Of "Kenan" That Prove It's One Of The Funniest Sitcoms On The Air

    Give the Kenan cast all the awards, all the praise, and all the hype.

    Do you like Kenan Thompson?

    Do you like to laugh?

    If you answered either of these questions in the affirmative, then you should absolutely check out Kenan, Thompson's NBC sitcom.

    Kenan Thompson poses during the "Kenan" opening credits on NBC

    And just in case this hasn't convinced you, here are 43 funny moments from Season 2 of the series that will.

    1. When Gary and his dating app match found an alternative to Netflix and chill.

    Gary tells Kenan about his date with a woman from a dating app and coins the term "sex-fast"

    2. When Rick threw caution to the wind.

    Rick grosses out Gary out when he eats a cotton candy grape straight out of the package at the grocery store

    3. When Gary described the complexity of his romantic side.

    Gary describes himself as both a freak and a feminist while talking to Kenan at the grocery store

    4. When Rick made a promise that he couldn't keep.

    Rick says he'll buy every grape in the grocery store if he's wrong about how good they are, and Kenan questions his ability to follow through on this bet

    5. When Gary explained to Kenan how to choose the proper photos for a successful dating app profile.

    Gary shows off his dating app profile photos to Kenan, who is thinking of joining the dating app "Impromptu-vous"

    6. When Kenan's dating app match used some unique lingo.

    Kenan is not hitting it off with his date he met on a dating app, who refers to water as "Earth's cocktail"

    7. When Pam prioritized herself.

    Pam explains that she prioritizes herself because she is "frickin' great"

    8. When Rick didn't know his date had a husband, and he ended up saving her marriage.

    Rick saves the marriage of a woman whom he was previously on a date with

    9. When Kenan's dance moves revealed Birdie's overestimation of his age.

    Birdie mentions that she thought Kenan served in Vietnam, prompting him to ask exactly how old she thinks he is

    10. When Kenan didn't do his homework before giving Tami a birthday toast.

    Kenan accidentally says Tami is turning 40 during a birthday toast when she's only 30 years old

    11. When Gary and Rick supported Birdie's TikTok aspirations.

    Gary and Rick are pleased that Birdie's TikToks are being well-received by her classmates, especially Jodie Harringston, whom Gary calls "a taste maker"

    12. When Rick admitted he's more of a Strahan guy.

    Rick tells Kenan and Gary that he watches Michael Strahan every morning instead of Kenan's show

    13. When Gary wasn't prepared for a call from Birdie's principal.

    Gary is not prepared for a conversation with Birdie's principal, especially when she asks if he is Birdie's guardian

    14. When Tami took her anger out on Kenan during an on-air segment after he said he only thought of them as work friends.

    Tami calls Kenan a "two-legged jerk" during an on-air segment after he said he's only her work friend

    15. And when Kenan then tried to cover for Tami's less-than-professional outburst.

    Kenan tries to cover it up when Tami swears at him in front of young children and their parents

    16. When Kenan revisited past segments of his show and realized how much Tami helped improve it.

    In a flashback moment, Kenan remembers a guest on his show who claimed to have burnt toast that ended up with a marking that resembled Luther Vandross

    17. When Gary offered praise where it was due.

    Gary and Rick try their best to get Birdie out of suspension for a TikTok she posted of her teacher that violates school policy

    18. When Kenan and Tami bonded over their love of musical theatre.

    Kenan makes a joke with word play when Tami offers to show her Playbill from "Little Shop of Horrors"

    19. When Aubrey ratted out Rick and Gary in exchange for money and created a new motto.

    Aubrey gets money from Kenan for telling him about Birdie's suspension, which Rick and Gary tried to hide from Kenan

    20. When Kenan summed up parenting.

    three split images of Kenan speaking on parenting, he says that on one part kids love you and then they hate you until they need something, they love you, they hate you and its an expensive roller coaster

    21. When Aubrey brought up a sore subject for Kenan.

    Aubrey brings up the nickname "sweaty Betty," which Kenan used to be called by bullies in college

    22. When Rick invited Gary to a fun day at the golf course.

    Rick asks Gary if he wants to go to the local golf course so they can pretend to sneeze loudly to throw golfers off their game

    23. When Kenan presented his qualifications for interviewing mayoral candidate Regina Tyson.

    Kenan explains that he'll be prepared to interview Regina Tyson, an Atlanta mayoral candidate, but Mika isn't so sure

    24. When Mika reminded Kenan that he's replaceable.

    In a flashback moment, Mika tells Kenan that no one noticed he'd left his own show until a cooking segment when his cardboard cutout caught fire

    25. When Kenan's timing during his interview with Regina was regrettable.

    split image of kenan and regina talking to each other

    26. When Kenan later went a little off topic during the interview.

    Kenan is unprepared for his interview with Regina Tyson, and resorts to talking about other women named Regina during their chat

    27. When Rick tried to pursue his saxophone passions but ended up getting complaints from a neighbor.

    Rick rolls his eyes when a police officer knocks on his door and says a neighbor called to complain about his loud saxophone playing

    28. When Gary became suspicious of Mika's new boyfriend, a seafood restaurant owner named Nick.

    Gary and Kenan are suspicious of Mika's boyfriend because he's a restaurant owner, just like an uncle of theirs who once owned a pizza shop that sold weed pizza

    29. When Nick started the night off right when he met everyone.

    30. When Nick really won Tami over with his smooth answer to Kenan's question.

    Nick impresses Tami when he answers Kenan's question of what his intentions are with Mika with a heartfelt response

    31. When Gary evaluated the bar at Nick's restaurant.

    Gary loves Nick's restaurant and says it looks like a place an Instagram model would wear a waist trainer

    32. When Pam and Gary both liked the same bartender, Rachelle, and got competitive trying to win her over.

    Pam throws some shade at Gary after he asks their bartender, Rachelle, for an orange slice

    33. When Kenan brought Mika to see her ex-fiancé at his car dealership and played the role of a wealthy car collector.

    Mika tells her ex-fiancé, a car dealership owner, that Kenan is ready to buy a very expensive new car

    34. When Gary and Pam thought Rachelle wanted a threesome with them after she DMed both of them to come to her place.

    Gary and Pam think Rachelle wants to have a threesome with them when she invites them both to her place at the same time

    35. And when Pam evaluated whether or not she'd be into this idea.

    Pam inspects Gary to see if she'd be into the idea of a threesome with him and  Rachelle

    36. When Kenan didn't exactly practice what he preached.

    Kenan pulls up with a new Lamborghini but criticizes Pam and Gary for investing in Smoothie Lyfe

    37. When Kenan got a call from Aubrey's principal and was told Aubrey had started her first period, and then he blamed it on chicken.

    Kenan argues with Aubrey's principal that chicken can cause periods if it's not hormone free meat

    38. When Kenan did some thorough research on the female body.

    Kenan tells Mika he found out on Reddit that women become very hungry while on their periods

    39. When Gary made an account as a content creator for a subscription site, Key-Whole, and took requests from users.

    Gary does some squats for his Key-Whole account followers

    40. When Mika, Tami, and Pam requested Gary eat spaghetti on the bathroom floor using a fake Key-Whole account, and realized just how far he was willing to go for money.

    Gary follows the Key-Whole request to eat a bowl of spaghetti on the bathroom floor, which Mika, Tami and Pam watch from their conference room

    41. When Kenan found out Aubrey lied about getting her period, so he tried to scare her into confessing the truth at the doctor's office.

    After finding out that Aubrey lied about getting her period, Kenan says that she will be getting a "period shot" at the doctor's office to scare her into telling him the truth

    42. When Mika reminded Kenan of where Aubrey's stubbornness comes from.

    Mika teases Kenan that Aubrey's lack of willingness to take responsibility is a trait Kenan himself possesses

    43. When Gary came to the conclusion that Key-Wholing wasn't for him and spoke some wisdom.

    Gary decides to end his Key-Whole account and explains that the money earned from his account isn't worth it

    Go ahead and check it out for yourself! Kenan is available on Peacock now.

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