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    "Euphoria" Brought Its Fashion A-Game For Season 2, And These Outfits Are The Proof

    Euphoria fashion >>>.

    The episodes of Euphoria Season 2 that have been released thus far have given us many standout fashion moments.

    Here are some looks from the show's second season that you'll wish you had in your closet.

    1. Maddy's black cutout mini dress.

    Maddy waits for the bathroom at a party while wearing a black cutout mini dress

    2. Kat's red and green outfit plus matching makeup.

    Kat talks to her classmates while wearing a red and green outfit and makeup

    3. Lexi's red pants and printed blouse combo.

    Lexi talks to friends at a party in "Euphoria"

    4. Rue's maroon jumpsuit.

    Rue stands in front of the class while wearing a maroon jumpsuit

    5. Lexi's Peter Pan collar look.

    Lexi wears a buttoned blouse with a Peter Pan collar and small bow in "Euphoria"

    6. Cassie's Oklahoma!-esque ensemble.

    Cassie wears an outfit that is fitting for the school play, "Oklahoma!"

    7. Cassie's and Maddy's two-piece outfits.

    Cassie and Maddy walk the halls wearing cute two-piece outfits

    8. Maddy's lime green loungewear.

    Maddy wears a green silk robe and matching slip

    9. Lexi's blue argyle sweater and hair ribbon pairing.

    Lexi rocks a preppy blue look in "Euphoria"

    10. Maddy's Y2K top and low-rise denim skirt.

    Maddy leaves her babysitting job wearing a denim skirt and colorful Y2K top

    11. Lexi's black mini skirt and pop of color cardigan mix:

    Lexi wears a black skirt and red and pink cardigan in the bathroom at school

    12. Maddy's borrowed sweetheart neckline cocktail dress.

    Maddy tries on a cocktail dress while babysitting

    13. Jules' layered beaded party outfit.

    Jules wears a layered look at a party in "Euphoria"

    14. Maddy's cute swimwear looks.

    Maddy wears some green bikinis in "Euphoria"

    15. Faye's anime halter top and denim pleated skirt.

    Faye stands in front of a car and wears a halter top and denim skirt in "Euphoria"

    16. Cassie's blue bodycon mini dress.

    Cassie wears a blue minidress at a party

    17. Maddy's fur collar cardigan ensemble.

    Maddy wears a cardigan with a blue faux fur collar

    18. Lexi's pleated skirt and color-coordinated sweater.

    Lexi talks to Rue and wears a pleated skirt and argyle sweater

    19. Maddy's baby blue beret and pin tank top.

    Maddy wears a blue beret and tank top with pin detailing in "Euphoria"

    20. Lexi's collared plaid dress.

    Lexi wears a red and blue plaid dress at school

    21. Kat's sheer printed blouse and high-waisted pants.

    Kat wears a sheer orange blouse with black sleeves and high-waisted bottoms

    22. Maddy's LBD dress with some ruffle flare.

    Maddy wears a black dress with ruffle accents for her birthday

    23. Cassie's hot pink swimsuit.

    Cassie walks down the stairs while wearing a bright pink swimsuit

    24. Lexi's cat skirt and teal cardigan.

    Lexi walks off stage in "Euphoria"

    25. Maddy's black off the shoulder top and matching tall boots.

    Maddy sits on the bleachers in "Euphoria"

    26. Kat's vibrant layered tops and gold choker.

    Kat sits in a diner booth

    27. Cassie's head to toe pink outfit.

    Cassie walks down the hallway in "Euphoria"

    Feel free to use these outfits as inspiration for your next shopping spree!