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Divorced People, We Want To Know The Huge Secrets You Never Told Your Exes

We're ready to hear the wildest secrets you or your ex never shared with each other.

While most married people would like to think that their spouse is 100% honest with them, this unfortunately may not always be true to reality.

If you're someone who has gone through a divorce, we want to know the juiciest secrets you or your ex-partner chose to withhold from each other while you were together.

A couple signs a divorce document

Maybe they had been married before this union, but they told you you were the first person they said "I do" to.

A couple walks down the aisle after getting married

It could be that you had an ongoing affair with a coworker, and your spouse had no idea about these hookups throughout your relationship.

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Or, perhaps you were hiding a scandalous history that your S.O. would have been totally shocked by if they'd ever found out.

elder man in a ambulance wearing oxygen mask and lying on a stretcher unconscious with a paramedic taking care of him

If you've been divorced, what are the wildest secrets you kept during your past marriage? You can tell us in the comments below or share anonymously via this Google form, and your response might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.