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    Here's What The Cast Of "Selena" Looked Like Then Vs. What They Look Like Now

    Twenty-five years later and still willing to do anything for Selenas!

    2022 marks 25 years since the release of Selena, the film honoring the life of legendary singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.

    The cast of "Selena" poses for a promotional image

    The film was and is iconic for many reasons – it made Jennifer Lopez the highest-paid Latina actor ever at the time when she earned $1 million for the title role, it was chosen to be added to the National Film Registry in 2021, and it gave us the memorable phrase, "Anything for Selenas!"

    Here's a look at the Selena cast members, then vs. now:

    Jennifer Lopez then:

    Jennifer Lopez as Selena greets fans at her Houston Astrodome concert

    Jennifer Lopez now:

    Jennifer Lopez poses at the premiere of "The Tender Bar" on December 12, 2021

    Edward James Olmos then:

    Edward James Olmos plays guitar as Abraham Quintanilla in "Selena"

    Edward James Olmos now:

    Jon Seda then:

    Jon Seda as Chris Perez talks to Selena about their relationship

    Jon Seda now:

    Jon Seda in a 2021 interview with New York Live

    Jackie Guerra then:

    Jackie Guerra as Suzette Quintanilla sits with Selena at the Grammy Awards ceremony

    Jackie Guerra now:

    Jackie Guerra shares her story of being the first Latina to star in a network sitcom with Pero Like in a 2017 YouTube video

    Constance Marie then:

    Constance Marie as Marcella Quintanilla overhears an argument between Abraham and Selena about Selena wearing bustiers

    Constance Marie now:

    Constance Marie at the season premiere of "With Love" in December 2021

    Jacob Vargas then:

    Jacob Vargas as A.B. Quintanilla tells Abraham about two men who tried to help them start their bus, but lost their car bumper in the process

    Jacob Vargas now:

    Rebecca Lee Meza then:

    Rebecca Lee Meza as a young Selena sings with her father, Abraham

    Rebecca Lee Meza now:

    Rebecca Lee Meza in an interview on Sábado Gigante from 2012

    Pete Astudillo then:

    Pete defends Selena after she wears a bustier on stage in "Selena"

    Pete Astudillo now:

    Lupe Ontiveros then:

    Lupe Ontiveros as Yolanda Saldívar talks to Selena before her trip to Los Angeles for the Grammys

    Lupe Ontiveros in 2012:

    Lupe Ontiveros at the NALIP 13th annual national conference & gala April 14, 2012

    Seidy Lopez then:

    Seidy Lopez as Deborah contemplates going to Los Angeles with Selena for the Grammys

    Seidy Lopez now:

    Seidy Lopez poses at a celebration for Latin Heat Entertainment on December 15, 2021