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    21 Of The Best Moments From The "Queer Eye" Season 6 Premiere

    For Season 6, Antoni, Jonathan, Karamo, Bobby, and Tan are taking over the Lone Star State.

    In case you aren't familiar with the series, the Queer Eye reboot has been one of the most uplifting shows on Netflix since it premiered in 2018.


    Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Tan France, aka the Fab Five, perform lifestyle and beauty makeovers for nominees in each episode and help them gain a positive new outlook on life.

    The show's anticipated sixth season experienced significant delays in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but shooting in Austin, Texas was (thankfully) later resumed. The new episodes were released on Friday, December 31, and the premiere episode did not disappoint.


    This episode's nominee was Terri, a 58-year-old honky-tonk dance instructor. The Fab Five were brought in to tame her wild side while reminding Terri of the power and beauty she possesses. 

    These are some moments that made me realize how much I've missed having the Fab Five and their amazing energy in my life.


    1. When Jonathan gave his best Southern drawl to kick off the season premiere:

    Jonathan Van Ness kicks off the Fab Five's newest season in Austin, Texas by using a Southern accent

    And the cowboy hat was a great touch.

    2. When Tan asked an essential question about Terri's family business:

    Tan France asks what a honky-tonk is in order to learn more about Terri, their nominee for the episode

    The honky-tonk location owned by Terri's family is the Broken Spoke, a restaurant and dance hall in Austin.

    3. When members of the Fab Five made the best fashion statements for a season in the Lone Star State:

    Tan wears a starry button down shirt, Jonathan rocks a sequin blazer, and Antoni dons a Western top with intricate embroidery

    Between Tan's starry shirt, Jonathan's sequin blazer, and Antoni's embroidered Western top, the group was having an epic fashion moment to start the season.

    4. When Antoni gave these priceless reactions to seeing Terri for the first time:

    Antoni is very excited to meet Terri when he sees her on the dance floor

    The gang first met Terri while she gave a lively dance lesson at the Broken Spoke, and they loved this setting (and Terri's dance moves). 

    5. When Jonathan admired Terri's Daisy Dukes:

    Jonathan admires the way Terri rocks her Daisy Dukes

    6. When Karamo commented on Terri's wardrobe:

    Karamo gives his thoughts on Terri's Daisy Dukes

    7. When Karamo did his best to keep up with Texan fashion trends:

    Karamo tries his best to wear heeled cowboy boots, but can't stand the discomfort for too long and has to remove them

    8. When Tan knew he had his work cut out for him after going through Terri's closet:

    Tan is overwhelmed after looking through Terri's chaotic wardrobe

    "This closet...[has] got a thousand personalities going on. ... One of the main personalities that is shining very bright is hoochie." —Tan France on Terri's closet

    9. When Karamo took notice of Terri's passion for horse decor:

    Karamo jokingly tallies up his guess of how many horse figurines Terri has in her home

    10. When Karamo made the most of his cowboy moment:

    Karamo takes a moment to pose like a cowboy/model while in Terri's yard in Austin, Texas

    11. When Tan tried some of Terri's wardrobe on for size:

    Tan tries on Terri's silk green dress, military jacket and bolero hat, and receives and embrace from Jonathan Van Ness

    He absolutely pulled off this look.

    12. When Antoni organized a quality-time baking session with Terri and her grandson, Alex:

    Terri and her grandson, Alex, enjoy some quality time in the kitchen with Antoni

    Eighteen-year-old Alex was just about to move in with Terri, so Antoni helped them bond in the kitchen during a heartwarming moment of the episode. 

    13. When Jonathan encouraged Terri to embrace the beauty of her natural hair, but still gave her a makeover she was comfortable with:

    Jonathan Van Ness informs Terri of her natural beauty, but allows her to keep her hair how she feels most comfortable as he performs a hair makeover on her

    Terri was hesitant to show Jonathan her natural hair, as she said it was thinning. Jonathan let her know her hair is beautiful, but didn't push her past her comfort zone and instead spruced up the hair extensions she was wearing.

    14. When Karamo offered support as he mediated a discussion between an emotional Terri and her daughter, Ashley:

    When Terri gets emotional while having a conversation with her daughter about their relationship and her grandson, Karamo acts as a mediator and offers support to her

    Terri was getting upset over a discussion with Ashley about parenting and living with Alex, and Karamo helped her and Ashley find a positive solution. Both parties decided to find a word to use as a signal for their emotional needs in future conversations.

    15. When Bobby showcased a special light made by Terri's grandmother when renovating her house:

    Terri is touched that Bobby included a light made by her grandmother in her new home design

    16. When Antoni let Terri take charge in the kitchen and be herself:

    Terri expresses how Antoni made her feel seen when he allowed her to be herself and do her thing in the kitchen

    17. When the Fab Five revisited with Terri a year later and gave the purest reactions to her new look:

    Antoni and Jonathan give big smiles as they're reunited with Terri after a year apart from her

    They were so excited to catch up with her after the pandemic had delayed filming, especially once they saw her new hair and wardrobe.

    18. When Ashley thanked Karamo for healing her relationship with her mom:

    Ashley tells Karamo about how his talk with her and Terri significantly improved their relationship

    19. When Jonathan brought up the logistics of Terri's show of affection for him:

    Jonathan has a funny response when Terri expresses her love for him

    20. When Karamo spoke words of wisdom after Terri turned her setbacks into opportunities for growth:

    Karamo sums up the lesson to be learned from Terri's journey, which is to keep moving forward and use setbacks as opportunities for growth

    During the pandemic, Terri's father passed away, and Ashley's husband also passed suddenly from a heart attack. She found ways to grow despite these tough times, and the Fab Five expressed their admiration for her perseverance.

    21. And lastly, when the Fab Five introduced their adorable newly adopted shelter dog, Neon:

    The Fab Five's new dog, Neon, poses for the camera and tries on a purple wig

    Now go do yourself a favor and watch Season 6 of Queer Eye on Netflix.