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    24 Things You Need To Get Your Halloween Makeup Turning Heads This Year

    Turning heads, turning ghosts, same thing.

    1. If you want to get a little creative this year, this water based face paint set has all the typical Halloween colours you might want to play around with.

    2. If you really want to go all out, this set has ten different brushes, helping you to get even more precision when creating your looks.

    3. If you're going as something more pretty than scary this year, this pack of different coloured face and body glitters is about to be your new obsession.

    4. We all know glitter can be messy, but this cosmetic glue will help to secure it in place so it'll last on you for the whole night.

    5. If "scary" is more your plan, this special effects scar putty is a great way to make realistic wounds anywhere on your face or body – it even comes with a spatula so you can carve out the shape of the scar!

    6. You can use this fake blood over any artificial wounds you make – or just straight on your skin if you want a quick something to throw on.

    7. If you want to create a bit of texture with the fake blood, this stippling sponge is a great way to make the blood look so much more realistic when you apply it – plus it's super easy to use.

    8. If you're mixing different face paint colours together, a metal palette will make it a whole lot easier to work with and avoid everything getting a bit too messy.

    9. If you'd prefer to invest in some makeup that you'll be able to use for daily use too, this all matte eyeshadow palette has some perfect colours to use for Halloween looks.

    10. This large, single pan of white face paint is a must have if you're planning on doing more than one look – I mean, it's a SFX necessity if you ask me.

    11. These brush pens are actually the best idea ever – face paint in a pen? So cool!

    12. To add a little sparkle, these rhinestones are the cutest little accent to any look you might be doing.

    13. If you're looking for an adhesive that you can get good use out of after Halloween, this eyelash glue is great for sticking on face gems or any other bits and pieces. It even dries clear so there won't be any messy bits showing!

    14. These cosmetic sponges are great if you're planning on using a lot of different face paint colours but don't want to keep washing the same sponge – it saves you a lot of hassle, believe me.

    15. If you want to draw on little details to complete your look but aren't so keen on face paints, these waterproof liquid eyeliners come in so many shades – you're basically sorted for any look you might have in mind.

    16. If you just want a no-fuss black liquid eyeliner that's super easy to use...this one's for you.

    17. Any makeup look automatically becomes spookier if you throw on a black lipstick, although they seem so hard to find – but this Barry M one is perfect.

    18. If you're late to the party and just want something quick to make it look like you've put loads of effort into your makeup, these temporary tattoos are your answer.

    19. If you like the idea but tattoos aren't really what you had in mind, these fake scar stickers are a great little addition to your makeup look.

    20. These face paint crayons are great if you want to easily draw a little something on and get out the door without too much faff – plus you have so many colours you can use!

    21. If you want a good, basic set of makeup brushes, these are affordable and will definitely do the trick.

    22. Whether you're doing a simple makeup look or something more complicated, you'll always need a reliable powder to set all your liquid products in place. This one is an all-time favourite of mine – plus it's not too pricey.

    23. Once you've finished your makeup, using a setting spray is a great way to make sure it's all locked in place and won't budge throughout the night. This one will also help to stop your makeup from getting oily, which is a big bonus.

    24. Some Halloween makeup can be a "nightmare" to take off (see what I did there?), so an oil-based makeup remover like this one is great for getting off any of that stubborn residue.