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    23 Things You Need If You Want To Give Your Home A Makeover And Have No Idea Where To Start

    From painting tools to decorating items, I've got you covered.

    1. If you're planning on painting a few bits and pieces, you might need this wood and metal undercoat. It's quick drying and will work as the perfect primer before applying your paint to make it last extra long!

    2. Install these LED strip lights behind your monitor for a gorgeous colour changing glow!

    3. For those of you that are doing a full-on home renovation, these disposable aprons are a good shout because – just a heads up – it's probably going to get messy.

    4. These mini shelves are so cute because you can literally hang them anywhere!

    5. These protective sheets are a must-have to keep your furniture well covered if you think it's going to get dusty!

    6. This lamp shade has a gold interior that lights up to create a warm glow.

    7. If you're painting and want to create a sharp line, this multi surface masking tape will help to make sure the edges come out super neat.

    8. For a simple way to spruce up your outdoor space, these patio lights are a great choice.

    9. These adhesive mirror pieces are an easy way to customise any blank wall space you might have.

    10. Fastening fairy lights can be a struggle when you don't want to damage the surface beneath it, but these mini hooks work with an adhesive strip that you can stick anywhere without any damage!

    11. These floating shelves are a great find if you need some shelving but don't want anything that takes up too much space.

    12. If you're looking for a way to organise your hair tools, this holder is a cute and compact way to do it.

    13. As far as neon lights go, this one is super affordable and comes in an adorable heart shape.

    14. If you're on the hunt for something to make the room feel a little cosier, this grey, fluffy rug is sure to do it.

    15. For any kind of painting, this multipack of brushes will definitely come in handy.

    16. This table lamp has two USB ports that you can charge any devices on, making it the perfect addition to your bedside table.

    17. These hanging lanterns are a great little decorative touch to any indoor or outdoor space you want to fill!

    18. This shoe organiser is a useful piece to add to any room, and is guaranteed to make life a lot easier when you're rushing out the door.

    19. Speaking of storage, these fabric organisers can be used for whatever you need them for and are even foldable, making them easy to stash away when you don't need them!

    20. Thinking of painting the walls? This paint roller set with an extendable handle will be sure to save you a load of time.

    21. This mirror is a cute little accent to any room – especially if you're a fan of gold decor!

    22. Decorate any window sill that looks a bit bare with these artificial succulents.

    23. These mirrored holders come in a set of three, so if you're looking for a few pieces to jazz up your vanity this could be it!