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    23 Things To Buy If You're Literally Always Cold

    If I'm honest I wrote this for myself because yes, I am always cold.

    1. If you always seem to catch a chill on the go, this rechargeable hand warmer will be a cosy little companion to keep in your jacket pocket for whenever you need it.

    2. If you like that idea but would prefer something a little cheaper, these hand warmers will get you feeling toasty in seconds and can keep you feeling that way for up to ten hours!

    3. If you're on the hunt for a throw blanket to snuggle under during your evenings on the sofa, this one has a fleece lining which makes it extra cosy.

    4. Dressing for the cold weather is always a struggle, but these opaque tights are fleeced, making them even warmer.

    5. This electric heated vest has three different heating levels, and can run for eight hours. It's actually an Amazon bestseller too!

    6. Keep your feet nice and warm in the house with these faux fur indoor boot slippers!

    7. If you like to cosy up on the sofa with something a little cuddly, this toy is microwavable and has a soothing lavender scent.

    8. Hot water bottles more your speed? This one comes with a fluffy cover, making it extra comforting to cuddle up with.

    9. This fan heater will get you feeling warm in seconds – I can't tell you how many times I've been grateful for my one.

    10. This blanket is not only heated, but also extra fluffy. It even has a timer and nine different heat settings, so you can adjust it to the perfect temperature for you.

    11. These thermal socks come with rechargeable foot warmers fitted in them which sounds like an absolute dream – I wish I'd known these existed sooner!

    12. If you'd prefer some good old thermal socks to keep you warm, these ones have extra thick cushioning.

    13. This wearable blanket moves wherever you move and is totally cosy.

    14. If beanies weren't warm enough, this one has fleece lining to make it even more insulating.

    15. As well as being thermal, these gloves have touch screen gel tips so you don't have to remove them every time you need to go on your phone.

    16. There are no words to explain how comforting a warm drink can be in the cold, which is why a thermos like this one is a necessity.

    17. Get an extra dose of warmth with this fleece lined neck warmer, which can be worn in more than one way!

    18. This heated and cushioned seat cover can be put on anything from an office chair to a car seat – and even has a massaging function!

    19. Speaking of massagers, this foot and back massager has a heating pad in it, making it the ultimate treat after a long day outdoors.

    20. Dressing gowns are a need not a want during this time of year, and this one looks so cuddly that I'm adding it to my basket as we speak.

    21. These rechargeable shoe insoles are heated, giving you some extra comfort even when you're on the go.

    22. Or if you want to keep your hands warm while out and about, these gloves are actually heated (I know it sounds like a dream, right?).

    23. Any drivers out there will know the struggle of having to touch the cold steering wheel after a frosty night, which is when this steering wheel cover will be of great use.