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    25 Of The Best Party Games To Try Out This Festive Season

    Ho ho hold onto your horses, this is a good one.

    1. Let's kick it off with a festive one! This "12 games of Christmas" set has – you guessed it – 12 games that are perfect for the upcoming season.

    2. If Pictionary is one of your go-to party games, try switching it up with this virtual version. It allows you to draw in the air with a light-up pen, which makes the drawing appear on your electronic device!

    3. If you want a funny and family-friendly game, this one might be for you! You're expected to make sounds to describe what's written on your card, which the other players have to guess – so you better get those vocal cords warmed up!

    4. If you're looking for something a little less family friendly, the very popular Cards Against Humanity is one to opt for.

    5. Sticking with the adult theme, this drinking game is a best seller – so definitely worth trying this season!

    6. This game involves having to act out specific movies before the time runs out, so it's basically made for all you film fanatics out there.

    7. We all know a group of people that love Friends, and they'll love playing this special edition of Trivial Pursuit with you!

    8. Maybe return to a classic this season and bang out a few games of Connect 4!

    9. If your household is full of Monopoly fans, why not try out this version which is all about The Lord of the Rings.

    10. This game is all about matching the picture to a caption that you think creates the funniest meme. If you're meme culture obsessed, this one is for you.

    11. You're not allowed to say "yes" or "no" as answers to questions during this game, and believe me – it's harder than it sounds.

    12. This game involves completing a load of different dexterity-based challenges to earn points, making it a great game for the whole family to play.

    13. Get the whole group up and moving with a good ol' game of Twister!

    14. Test your trivia knowledge with this game that will have you wondering if a penguin is actually a bird or not (seriously though, is it?).

    15. Work out if you can identify those classic anthems with this musical trivia game.

    16. If you want a game to play throughout the evening, Don't Get Got involves different secret missions that each player has to carry out over the course of the night – without getting caught.

    17. If you want to play something a bit more relaxed, enjoy a sit down game of Mouse Trap.

    18. Maybe even bang out a game or two of Articulate – it may be an oldie but it's definitely a goodie.

    19. If you've not played Rummikub it's sort of like Scrabble with numbers, and trust me once you play it you'll become addicted (I'm speaking from experience here).

    20. Enjoy this festive rendition of the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" to get you into the Christmas spirit.

    21. This trivia game is ideal to play with anyone that's Pixar-obsessed.

    22. Throw it back to the '90s with this classic game of Jumanji.

    23. If you want to put your steady hand to the test, Operation might be the game of choice for you.

    24. This classic had to make this list, because what's the party season without a game of Jenga?

    25. Put your judgement to the test with this game of More or Less, which can even be played with just two players.