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    18 Genius Products To Help Save Space In Your Holiday Suitcase

    It's time to get those bags packed!

    1. Whether you have medications or daily vitamins to take, this seven day pill organiser will avoid you having to pack more tablets than you need to for your trip away.

    2. No need to transport an entire bottle of perfume when you can fill this mini travel spray, which is designed especially for fragrances!

    3. Depending on where you're going, this inflatable camping pillow may come in handy – and it'll take up hardly any suitcase space!

    4. Keep all of your electricals well-organised in this compact gadget bag.

    5. Instead of carrying multiple adapters, this universal travel adapter comes with four USB ports, a type C port, and an AC socket – so you can basically charge up to six devices at once!

    6. Ensure your clothes are completely crease-free with this portable clothes steamer, which is perfect to travel with!

    7. Use these compact travel bags to store all of your essential holiday toiletries.

    8. Speaking of compact bags, these packing cubes are absolutely genius when it comes to suitcase space-saving.

    9. Avoid having to take your large toiletries away with you by filling up these containers with each of your essentials instead.

    10. If you need to pack a backpack for day trips when you're abroad, this one is super lightweight so it won't be too heavy in your suitcase!

    11. Make the most of every inch of space in your suitcase with these clear compression bags, which are perfect to pack your clothes in.

    12. Organise all of your beauty bits with this travel makeup case, which has different compartments fitted in it.

    13. These portable travel hangers are so clever, I'm kind of bind blown.

    14. If you plan on visiting a beach at all, this outdoor blanket is perfectly compact and even waterproof.

    15. This trifold mirror will come in super handy, and is just as easy to transport!

    16. This microfibre towel can be used for pretty much anything, and has been designed to be lightweight and compact!

    17. Relax wherever you are with this inflatable foot rest, which will take little to no space in your suitcase.

    18. Invest in these mini hair straighteners to reduce the amount of space it'll take in your suitcase!