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    If You're Not Obsessing With Me Over These 22 Products, We Can't Be Friends

    Seriously, it would be a problem.

    1. Hold on because I'm obsessed – a warming ice cream scoop? As someone that loves ice cream but is too impatient to wait for it to defrost enough, this has just blown my mind.

    2. I've been struggling with the cold weather recently, but this Silentnight electric blanket is an absolute blessing.

    3. This hair treatment claims to reduces hair breakage and strengthen damaged hair, which sounds amazing. It's ridiculously popular on social media, so no wonder it's a top bestseller on Amazon.

    4. The cards in this deck each have different inspirational quotes written on them. Each morning you can pick up a new one to read and start your day on a positive note – how cute is that?

    5. This light-up mirror has three different levels of magnification, so you're fully covered for whatever you might need it for!

    6. Speaking of mirrors, these wall stickers are chic enough to give any blank wall a little bit of an edge – and for quite an affordable price, might I add.

    7. I absolutely love the look of these storage containers. Although perfect for spices or sauces, they're versatile so you can use them for any little bits and pieces you have!

    8. If you're like me and obsessed with the aesthetic of drinking out of a cute cup, this reusable stainless steel cup will have you feeling bougie 24/7 (even if you're just sipping some water at home).

    9. This rechargeable hand warmer is going to be your saviour during this time of year, especially during those evening trips out.

    10. This scalp massager can be used as a relaxation device, to stimulate hair growth, or even help to exfoliate your scalp in the shower. It's no wonder it's a bestseller!

    11. I love a good satin pillowcase, and the colour of these ones make me feel like I need to add them to my collection.

    12. If you're looking for a storage space for little jewellery pieces like rings and earrings, this velvet box has a clear top so you can see everything that's in it nice and clearly. Also, it's just really cute.

    13. Sticking with the grey colour scheme, this headband is the perfect way to keep all of your flyaways aside whilst doing your makeup or skincare. An added bonus is it's super soft so it'll even keep you nice and cosy in the process.

    14. I'm a sucker for a good Yankee candle, and these 12 tea lights are "black coconut" scented (which means I need them and so do you).

    15. I'm always looking for ways to change up my bedroom, and this LED light projector is the next thing on my list to try.

    16. Reed diffusers are always a cute way to spruce up your home, but this one has actual tulip sticks in it. It takes it to a whole new level, don't you think?

    17. These globe fairy lights are so pretty that I just bought them for my bedroom. They're suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and even have eight different settings to choose from.

    18. I'm really into the geometric decor lately, but that doesn't mean I'm biased when I say this vase is simply stunning.

    19. These solar lanterns are the most gorgeous outdoor accessory. If you aren't as obsessed with these as I am, we really do have a problem.

    20. This travel cutlery set is perfectly compact, making it ideal to keep in the bottom of your bag should you ever need it.

    21. Each year I treat myself to a new pair of fluffy slippers and these are definitely my 2021 pair. They're even made of memory foam for extra comfort!

    22. If you're as much of a Friends fan as I am, I don't even need to explain how much I love this fluffy blanket.