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    If You Want To Ease Yourself Into A Healthier Lifestyle This New Year, Here’s A Few Things That Can Help You Get There

    Emphasis on "ease", because we all know the struggle.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Stay on track with your fitness goals by using this Fitbit, which tells you everything from the calories you're burning to your heart rate.

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    Price: £59.99

    2. Mental health is a big part to play in a healthier lifestyle, so if you're a chronic overthinker (like me) this book might be a good thing to pick up.

    Allen & Unwin / Via

    Price: £7.37 – it's also available for Kindles.

    3. Keep on top of your vitamin C intake with these dissolving tablets, which come in a pack of 90 to last you three months.

    Amazon / Via

    Price: £19.00 for 90 tablets.

    4. Motivate yourself to get up and go to the gym with these bestselling workout leggings.

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    Price: £10.99-£24.99 – they're available in sizes S-6XL. 

    5. Up your protein with this pan. It comes with four poacher cups that'll make it way easier to cook your breakfast eggs.

    Amazon / Via

    Price: £21.63

    6. Get into the habit of drinking daily smoothies with this blender that even comes with two portable blending bottles!

    Amazon / Via

    Price: £19.99 for a blender and two portable bottles. 

    7. Healthy meal prep is about to get a lot easier with this cookbook that's filled with easy and healthy recipes.

    Rockridge Press / Via

    Price: £10.68 – it's also available for Kindles. 

    8. Stay hydrated with this 2.2L water bottle, which makes it a lot easier to monitor your daily water intake.

    Amazon / Via

    Price: £12.99 

    9. Cook with this Frylight olive oil, which is a healthier alternative to some other cooking oils out there.

    Amazon / Via

    Price: £3.05 for 190ml of oil. 

    10. Improve the quality of your sleep with this light-blocking eye mask, which is made of cotton to make it feel super soft.

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    Price: £6.99

    11. If you really want to go all out, maybe incorporate this pillow mist to your night-time routine. It's made of a natural blend of scents that are proven to improve your quality of sleep.

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    Price: £14.60 for 75ml of product.

    12. If you're not so keen on going to the gym for your workouts, this non-slip yoga mat will allow you to break a sweat from your own home.

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    Price: £20.00

    13. Make those home workouts a little harder with these resistance bands that give you five different levels of resistance to play around with!

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    Price: £9.99 for five bands. 

    14. Whether you workout indoors or outdoors, a skipping rope like this one could make a great addition to your routine.

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    Price: £3.69

    15. If you want to monitor your fitness training as closely as possible, this workout log is definitely worth the buy.

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    Price: £7.99

    16. Fit in a workout without even realising you're working out thanks to this mini exercise bike, which is an easy little activity to slot into your daily routine.

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    Price: £35.99

    17. Keep your mind as ~at peace~ as possible with this weekly planner, organiser, and gratitude journal.

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    Price: £28.95

    18. Cook your meals in one of the healthiest ways possible with this nifty little air fryer, which claims to use 99% less fat than other cooking methods.

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    Price: £49.99