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    If You’re A Minimalist, You Owe It To Yourself To Check Out These 21 Home Accessories

    Because we love a simple aesthetic over here.

    1. Go for a simple yet vintage vase style with these six glass pieces.

    2. These floating shelves are a great way to get the most out of your empty wall space, whilst sticking to a simple aesthetic.

    3. Create a gorgeous glow with this 100% natural white Himalayan rock salt lamp.

    4. Get your sofa looking extra cosy with this faux fur ivory throw.

    5. Add a rustic edge to your dining table spread with these square slate coasters.

    6. These upcycled coconut bowls are handmade and sustainable, and even come in a set with two wooden spoons.

    7. Add a touch of decor whilst still keeping things simple with these elephant ornaments.

    8. Opt for a geometric theme with these hexagon wall mirror stickers.

    9. These artificial succulents would look so cute along a windowsill, don't you agree?

    10. If you like the natural wooden look, you'll love these hanging shelves.

    11. Make a statement whilst still sticking to a minimalistic theme with this 3D roman numerals wall clock. You can even size it up and position it however you want, which is pretty cool.

    12. A scented Yankee candle is an absolute must, and this one has a refreshing clean cotton fragrance.

    13. If you love neutral colour schemes you should probably own this natural pampas grass, which gives major bougie vibes.

    14. Add this simple-yet-intricate table lamp to your bedside to create an effortlessly chic look.

    15. Decorate your walls with something simple by opting for these abstract line art prints.

    16. Not only is this geometric style vase absolutely gorgeous, it's also plastic and unbreakable – AKA perfect for my fellow klutzes out there.

    17. Keep it super simple when it comes to soap dispensers and check out these refillable glass bottles. They even come with eight waterproof labels!

    18. Decorate your bedspread with these velvet pillow cases, which look super expensive.

    19. Fill up some empty shelf space with these decorative wooden letters, which would make the cutest little accent to a room.

    20. Simplify the look of your wall clock as much as possible with this artistic aluminium piece.

    21. Make the room feel a lot cosier with this patterned beige rug.