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    Don't Mind Me, Just Losing Composure Over How Much I Love These 21 Products

    I mean like, genuinely losing composure.

    1. The soap brows trend is all over social media, and believe me you don't need to invest in any overpriced products – this is all you need to achieve that fluffy brow look.

    2. We all love a good bath now and then, and these bath bombs are so cute that I'm actually dying to use them.

    3. To my mind a simple, chic looking shelving unit always costs a bomb, but this one actually doesn't – I think I need it. Scratch that, I know I do.

    4. Loads of people seem to be on a DIY smoothie hype lately, and maybe we can join them once we've nabbed this super affordable blender. The blending cup even doubles up as a smoothie bottle!

    5. I love anything with some gold trimming, and this glass jewellery box is something I know I need on my vanity.

    6. If you're into nail art like I am, you'll get just as excited as me over these butterfly sequins – seriously, how cute?!

    7. A 30ml Ghost fragrance for less than twenty quid? That's a straight steal.

    8. This hair mask treatment is ridiculously popular, and perfect if you're suffering with hair that's on the drier side (myself included).

    9. I've used these face masks for years (not to be dramatic but they're literally my life). Each one targets a different skin concern and this gift set gives you a whole selection to try!

    10. This wonder product is great for reducing the appearance of unwanted scars or stretch marks – no matter how old they are. There's a good reason it's very highly rated.

    11. I know everyone loves a fluffy blanket, so can we take a minute to appreciate this one? I don't think anything more even has to be said – just look at it.

    12. With lights woven around it and pegs already in place, this wooden photo frame is perfect to hold your mini photo prints.

    13. I have a thing for blue roses and I've had these ones propped up in the corner of my room for years. If blue's not your vibe, they even come in seven other colours.

    14. These Himalayan salt tealight holders are such a calming addition to any room – but also, look at that glow.

    15. This Nike cap can be styled with practically any casual outfit and is an accessory I always seem to reach for. It's definitely a worthy investment if you ask me.

    16. As an avid jewellery lover I've always got bits and pieces floating around my room, but this resin tray is such a cute piece to keep your daily jewellery on – I'm literally obsessed.

    17. These Real Techniques sponges are great to have on hand whenever doing your makeup. Use them damp and watch how seamlessly they apply your foundation.

    18. These tissue masks have hyaluronic acid in them to keep your under eyes super hydrated, as well as orange juice to naturally brighten the area.

    19. As much as we like to pretend we don't, we all have blackheads – and they're a pain. This vacuum blackhead remover comes with four different tips, as well as a few extra tools to help you get rid of them!

    20. I'm forever travelling and forgetting that I don't have a decent sized portable mirror – but this one is extra large and even comes with a handle, so it's super easy to use.

    21. I'm sorry but how cute is this bunny night light? I know this is meant for kids, but I'll admit I want it for myself.