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    If You're A Procrastinator Like Me, We Both Need These 20 Products

    If you're looking for ways to up your productivity, this is a good way to start.

    1. Start the day off right with this sunrise alarm clock that wakes you up gradually and naturally.

    2. Increase your productivity with this 2022-2023 wall calendar, which will allow you to plan out your month ahead.

    3. Be more thorough as you plan your to-do list for the day with this daily organiser.

    4. Take it even further and plan out your short and long term goals with this productivity planner. It helps you prioritise each of your tasks and even has a productivity score for you to fill out each day!

    5. Block out the outdoor noises (or loud family members) with these reusable silicone ear plugs.

    6. Drown the noises out even further with these wireless noise-cancelling headphones. These always work a dream for me when I need to bang out some work with zero interruptions.

    7. It's a lot easier to be productive when you're comfortable, and this heated neck massager is definitely a way to feel pampered as you get on with some work.

    8. I am so much more comfortable using this USB mouse over my laptop trackpad. I always get so much more work done too!

    9. A wireless keyboard like this one is pretty handy too. You can snuggle up on the sofa and put the keyboard on your lap for the ultimate WFH setup.

    10. Get your home cleaning done with way less faff by using this cleaning paste from The Pink Stuff for pretty much everything.

    11. Speaking of cleaning, this extended microfibre duster will help you reach those awkward places with minimal effort.

    12. This seat cushion will make sure you're well supported and comfy as you work, which is a big help.

    13. Keep your wrists well supported with these ergonomic supports for both your keyboard and mouse.

    14. Create a more organised work environment with this WFH kit, which includes everything from a desk to a chair!

    15. Organise your vanity with this acrylic organiser, which will help to keep everything nice and neat.

    16. If you spend most of your day at a desk, keep your feet well rested on this ergonomic foot stool.

    17. Get yourself in the right mindset with this book that helps to improve your focus and mental clarity in as short as three weeks!

    18. Take organisation to a whole new level with these coloured sticky note flags. Is it just me that geeks out over these?

    19. Keep on top of your paperwork with this file organiser that has a whopping 24 pockets!

    20. Everyone has those chaotic drawers, and you can organise yours with these clear plastic organisers.