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    20 Products To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Summer, Even If You're New To The DIY Life

    It's officially time to give your garden a makeover.

    1. If you have any sparse patches of grass, this grass seed will have you seeing growth in just 1-2 weeks!

    2. Ensure your outdoor patio is well-kept with this heavy-duty outdoor broom.

    3. If it needs a more intense clean, this pressure washer will have your patio looking brand new.

    4. Ensure your plants are well looked-after with this bundle of Miracle-Gro all purpose compost and plant food.

    5. If you have a pool or jacuzzi that needs some TLC, these chlorine tablets will help to sanitise and stabilise the water to keep it clean.

    6. Get rid of any weeds that are creeping up with this fast-action weed-killing spray.

    7. Avoid any unwanted leaks with this expandable water hose, which has eight different spray settings!

    8. Water your outdoor plants with a lot more ease using this bestselling pressure sprayer.

    9. Start up a cute little vegetable patch with these veggie growing bags.

    10. If you'd prefer to plant something else, this compost is perfect for potting your own bonsai trees!

    11. Make it a whole lot easier to clean your barbecue with this cleaning spray.

    12. Use this stainless steel cleaning brush on your barbecue for a more thorough clean.

    13. I bought this reclining sun lounger last week and it's already changed my life.

    14. Create some shade on your patio with this outdoor parasol, which is super affordable right now.

    15. If you don't already have one, this parasol base will definitely come in handy this summer.

    16. Keep that tablecloth well secured on your outdoor table with these clamps because let's be honest, wind in the UK is inevitable.

    17. Add some padding to your outside seating area with this bench cushion.

    18. Keep your garden neat and tidy with this cordless grass trimmer, which is a top bestseller on Amazon.

    19. Get ready to host evening garden parties with these citronella candles, which act as a great insect repellent.

    20. Keep your barbecue well-protected when you're not using it with this barbecue cover which is rip and waterproof.