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    Get Ready For Uni With These 23 Absolute Essentials

    From homeware, to kitchen utensils, to study essentials – we've got you covered.

    1. Wardrobe space in uni rooms is always a struggle (especially if you're a chronic over-packer), which is why these expandable hangers are a must.

    2. A good set of kitchen knives will make your cooking life a lot easier. Plus, these ones are so brightly coloured you'll definitely know they're yours.

    3. Stay on top of the academic year with this giant wall calendar. Believe me, this makes life a whole lot easier at uni.

    4. I don't know how I would've gone through uni without a substantial set of crockery, and this set has everything you could need.

    5. If you're a klutz, this unbreakable plastic crockery set might be a wiser choice.

    6. A laundry basket like this one is a uni essential. Otherwise you'll end up using a random bin bag, and I wish I was kidding.

    7. If you want to make life even easier, you might prefer this laundry basket that's split into lights and darks!

    8. Avoid taking a bulky desk lamp to uni and get your hands on this LED flexi-light instead.

    9. Speaking of your desk setup, this organiser comes stocked up with a load of stationery essentials, and will make sure you've got everything well displayed.

    10. Maximise your bedroom space with this organiser that hangs perfectly on the back of your door. It has six separate pockets where you can keep a load of random bits and pieces.

    11. In case you don't have many electrical sockets in your new room, this extension cord is a packing essential.

    12. This Tefal pots and pans set belongs in your basket yesterday, because trust me when I say ordering takeaway everyday isn't a good idea.

    13. This laptop stand will make working at your desk a whole lot more comfortable.

    14. You'll likely be taking your laptop to and from lectures, so a good quality laptop case like this one is a worthy buy.

    15. Get your hands on every kitchen utensil you could possibly need with this 25-piece silicone set.

    16. Keep your bedroom drawers well-organised with these tray storage boxes.

    17. These storage boxes are collapsible and will make sure the rest of your room stays just as organised. I had these at uni and they were a big help in setting up my new place!

    18. These photo clip LED lights are the cutest way to personalise your new room!

    19. This metal stand is perfect to keep all of your hair styling tools on so you can access them super quickly when getting ready in the mornings.

    20. Customise the mood in your room with these LED strip lights, which are super easy to install and remove.

    21. Display all your vanity essentials on this rotating organiser. I wish I had this when I went to uni, I'm pretty sure it would've made my makeup table way neater.

    22. In case you have a mattress that isn't the comfiest, investing in a thick mattress topper like this one for extra padding is a smart move.

    23. Speaking of your new uni bed, I just bought these Silentnight anti-allergy pillows and they are the comfiest pillows I've ever owned. If you're on the hunt for some new ones, these might be the option for you.