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    We're Offering An Exclusive 40%-Off Blinkist Subscriptions Plus A Seven Day Trial – Here's How To Claim It

    Books just became a whole lot easier (and cheaper) to read.

    Blinkist is an online book service that basically condenses the most popular non-fiction books into snippets of approximately 15 minutes that you can read or listen to. Its aim is to make content more accessible and digestible, which is an absolute dream if you ask me. You'd have access to over 5,000 books, covering subject areas of anything from mindfulness and happiness (my personal fave), to science or politics.

    With this ✨exclusive✨ discount, you can sign up for the annual Blinkist subscription with an amazing 40% off. It even includes a seven day free trial, so you can still give it a little go first if you're on the fence. This discount is live until 15th March, so you've got until then to get your hands on it (not to cause alarm but, I'd hurry if I were you).

    Here's a few examples of the absolute gems you'll have access to with your Blinkist subscription – prepare to be wowed.

    📚13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

    📚The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks by Joe Federer

    📚Born to Win by Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar

    If your resolution for 2022 is to read more (I'm currently eyeing up the unopened self-development books on my bedside table), a study shows that 95% of Blinkist members read significantly more than before*.

    87% of Blinkist members have even made positive changes in their lives thanks to Blinkist*, which has absolutely sold me.

    * Based on internal study using survey data from general Blinkist customers.

    Sounds good right? Remember to click here to claim your discount!