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    Amazon's Cyber Monday Sale Ends Tonight – Here's The Best Food And Drink Offers To Get Before They Go

    Calling anyone that's hosting guests this festive season!

    Amazon's massive Black Friday sale is still going! We've gone through all the food and drink deals to find the very best ones:

    1. Get 50% off this tea set, which has 24 flavours of loose leaf tea.

    2. If you love a little matcha green tea moment, this PureChimp one is 34% off!

    3. Calling all IRN-BRU lovers: this 12-pack is now 28% off!

    4. And this Rubicon 12-pack is also on offer RN at 25% off.

    5. This Clipper hot chocolate is 15% off, so I'd act quick if I were you.

    6. And this Aero hot chocolate is also discounted by 33% RN!

    7. For something a little stronger, these 27%-off latte sachets may tickle your fancy.

    8. If you're trying to be more health conscious when it comes to your snacking habits, these HIPPEAS vegan chickpea puffs are 39% off!

    9. This Thorntons chocolate box is 32% off, and includes 24 assorted treats!

    10. There's 51% off on this gin making kit! *Adds to basket*.

    11. If you're like me and can't decide which Lindt truffle flavour is your favourite, this assortment is 30% off. I reckon that's a sign, don't you?

    12. This Christmas edition Hotel Chocolat box is absolutely stunning, and 15% off.

    13. For a Hotel Chocolat assortment, get your hands on their Bring on the Bubbly collection whilst saving 15%!

    14. Grab this 30%-off Lindt teddy advent calendar just in time for December!

    15. Enjoy a healthy snack with this dried mango, which is 36% off and totally delicious might I add.

    16. If mulberries are more your style, these organic dried ones are 41% off!

    17. Stock up on nuts with these two bags of organic cashews, which you can save 31% on!

    18. Stock up on these Tassimo creamer milk pods whilst they're 28% off!

    19. Speaking of Tassimo pods, these caramel latte ones are currently in the sale at 27% off.

    20. Satisfy that sweet tooth for 36% less with this hamper that's filled with a load of goodies.

    21. If you're more of a Lindt kind of person, this assorted box includes different Swiss milk chocolates and can be yours at 30% off.

    22. These 42%-off Thai sweet chilli Sensations are a classic, so it's probably a good idea to stock up before the festive season.

    23. If you're a fan of coconut (like I am), this 27%-off coconut rum needs to be in your basket as a matter of urgency.

    24. If you're a pornstar martini kind of person, this passion fruit liqueur is 38% off RN!

    25. Wind down before bed with this 32%-off bedtime Yogi Tea.

    26. For something a little stronger, you might want to check out this Aperol Spritz gift set, which is currently 15% off.

    27. This classic Quality Street tin is 20% off RN, so I'd grab it if I were you!

    28. Another festive classic – the Maltesers reindeer chocolates are 35% off!

    29. For a non-alcoholic drink, these bottles are a great choice – and also 27% off!

    30. Bake a whole lot of cake with this six pack of 32%-off Betty Crocker cake mix.

    31. If you're more of a chocolate kind of person, this brownie cake mix is 15% off!

    32. Gordon's pink gin is always a favourite, but this one is alcohol-free so everyone can enjoy it – especially since it's now 16% off.

    33. This giant Toblerone chocolate bar is 4.5kg, 26% off, and in my basket.

    34. You can never go wrong with this 2kg sharing box of Heroes which is 28% off, am I right?

    35. If you're hosting this Christmas, stock up on these cans of ale while they're 18% off.

    36. This bestselling basmati rice is organic, GMO free, and 35% off.

    37. We all love a good cherry lip sweet, and this 675g bottle of them is officially 33% off.

    38. Opt for the classic Lindt milk chocolate truffles with this 35%-off 600g box.

    39. If you're a decaf kind of person, these coffee pods may be for you. They're 26% off too.