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    22 Things Under £15 That I Bought In 2021 And Can No Longer Imagine Life Without

    ...and luckily I don't have to.

    1. It may seem like something small, but these clear acrylic containers are a much more aesthetically pleasing way to store your day-to-day necessities.

    2. These little glue dots made DIY tasks throughout the year so much easier. I even stuck balloons to my living room ceiling with these (don't ask).

    3. This book totally changed my mindset for the better. So if you're looking for a little something to give you that spark for life and get you into a positive frame of mind for the New Year, this is the one.

    4. These ice cube trays have a removable lid, making my life (and soon to be yours) a lot easier when it comes to avoiding spillages.

    5. If you're a frequent victim to migraines, you absolutely have to try these cooling strips. They've saved me more times than I can count this year.

    6. This suction razor holder made my shower life a whole lot easier – I wish I knew about it sooner.

    7. Speaking of showers, this filtering shower head was an absolute game changer for me. It softens hard water which ended up really helping my skin.

    8. If you're a photographer, videographer, or even just wear glasses, these lens wipes absolutely need to be in your basket.

    9. When it comes to kitchen organisation, I made use of a lot of wasted cupboard space by investing in this pantry unit shelf. A simple, yet very effective addition to any kitchen.

    10. Sunset lamps were a major trend this year, and this affordable one I got my hands on will definitely be coming into the New Year with me.

    11. The flip straw and markers on this water bottle really helped me to up my water intake this year.

    12. These spot patches are great to help those pimples heal a little faster, whilst also making them look a little more discreet (which is a bonus I'm absolutely here for).

    13. Reorganising some bits and pieces on my vanity with this acrylic case took a lot of faff out of my morning routine this year.

    14. On the topic of organising your vanity, this resin trinket tray made a cute little addition to my table that also helped to keep all my daily jewellery in one place.

    15. I spruced up my room with these colour-changing LED strip lights, and now that I've got them I'm definitely not turning back.

    16. Another thing I have to create a cosy vibe in my room is this salt lamp, and let me just say – if you don't already own one, that's something you need to change in 2022.

    17. This yoga mat definitely motivated me to get a move on with some morning home workouts, which is a habit I'm (hopefully) bringing into the new year!

    18. When it comes to braving the cold, this microwavable little companion helped to get me through it. With January around the corner, this toasty toy will certainly be staying close by.

    19. This deodorant is totally cruelty-free, vegan, fragrance-free, and 100% natural. I find that it's a lot kinder to my skin, so I'm absolutely here for it.

    20. These herb cutting scissors simplified my kitchen life by a huge amount – so if you don't already have these, you're welcome.

    21. This mattress protector will give an extra layer of comfort to your bed, and I'm telling you – once you start using this you won't go back.

    22. All my artists out there: if you haven't tried these charcoal pencils, this is your sign to change that ASAP.