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Ways To Change Your Life With Minimal Commitment

For all of us bored commitment-phobes.

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1. Semi-Permanent Hair Color

A new hair color can be enough to make you feel like a whole new person! These hair dyes from L'Oreal last for 4-10 washes and can give you an entire different vibe each week.

2. Change your clothes.

Take the things in the back of your closet that you never wear and try them out. You might be surprised by what you find thrown behind those old photos!

3. Take a new route to work/school.

This sounds stupid, but trust me - it works. Taking a new way to get to work may show you things in your city you've never noticed before.

4. Wake up earlier.

Okay, okay, this one can be hard if you are like the rest of us and feel like you're being dragged to hell every morning. However, waking up earlier than you need to can be just the thing to make your days feel totally different, and that extra hour in the morning could even be fun or productive!

5. Try a new exercise routine.

Never done yoga? Try it out. Or maybe you've always wanted to go to a spin class at your gym, but the super hyper instructor just kinda freaks you out? Just go for it. Starting a new exercise routine will make you feel brand new, and your body will thank you for it.

6. Try downloading some new music.

Ask your friends about their guilty-pleasure playlists and see if you can find a new genre of music you've never even considered before. You'd be surprised by how much amazing music is out there, and how much jamming out to a new song can totally switch up your vibe.

7. Change what you're eating.

If you're anything like me, you eat pasta about 4 nights a week out of pure laziness and convenience. But changing what you normally eat can be exciting, and maybe even a challenge or inspiration to eat healthier. Try some new overnight recipes for your mornings, or quick and easy dinners to get you excited to cook.

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