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5 Keys To An Incredible Valentine's Day In Detroit

Whether you're single, married, partnered or in an otherwise ambiguous situation, all the hype around Valentine's Day can be quite overwhelming. "Did she really mean she doesn't want anything for Valentine's Day?", "We've only gone out a short time, should I get him something?", "Is it weird to buy my cat a gift?" The awkward, and sometimes odd, possibilities are endless. But there are tons of wonderful things about the holiday that will make you eager to jump on the V Day bandwagon no matter where you fall on the status spectrum.

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1. Chocolate.

If you said, "I don't need a holiday to eat chocolate," you'd be right, but try getting Bon Bon Bon's Valentine's Day Collection on Earth Day. You can't. The collection of Detroit Made deliciousness like "Gold Digger", "Cupid's Arrow", "Bitter Bitch" and "Black Like My Heart" is reason enough to celebrate February 14th, alone, with bae or a baker's dozen. Check out Bon Bon Bon here!

3. Wine.

House of Pure Vin / Via

"Again, I can (do) drink wine every day if I want to." Ah, but is it fancy wine, hand selected by a world renowned sommelier, based out of the Motor City? House of Pure Vin's Valentine's Day selection simply makes you feel fancy and who doesn't like to feel fancy every now and then?

4. Doing Stuff.

Detroit Experience Factory (DXF) / Via

Yep, that's right-- doing stuff, hanging out, going on a hot date. There's never a shortage of things to do in the D, but sometimes life gets busy and you just need a reason. This month, Valentine's Day is the reason. DXF has the hookup on all the coolest bars and restaurants in the D and cool February tours like The Valentine Wine Stroll and The Bittersweet: Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Tour.

5. Outsourcing.

Detroit Maid / Via

Nanny, housekeeper, dry cleaner, landscaper. The list goes on and on, but the workload usually doesn't. We'd be remiss if we didn't help you with your Honey-Do list. Checkout Detroit Maid's Honey Do Package and take the night off with

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